Buying Your Goat Vote

By simply having control of the fiat money we are all required to use, Central bankers end up owning the media that controls our perception of things. Controlled perception directly affects the value of most everything we deal with in life.

Our main website has focused on the cost of energy for years. We have even reported on various technologies that obtain kilowatts of power using much less effort than used to drill and process oil from the ground. But when bankers manipulate markets using fiat printed currency, in April 2020 they actually drove the US Dollar price of oil into negative territory. If that were true, they would be paying YOU to store their oil in your gas tank. THAT is better than FREE energy. If only the perception were true?

In March of 2020, we now see an alleged virus causing the world’s economy to grind to a halt and for people to stay home and huddle around their TV’s or computers, instead of working and buying things. But bribes alter statistics and other things. Many more people die from other causes, yet life went on and the wheels of an apathetic economy kept spinning. No matter how stupid the commodity was, people spent money on it and things continued to work. But something seemed different this time. Businesses actually closed. Churches stopped meeting. Protesters could not gather to protest.

Echoes of the Great Depression flashed into our minds. But we were told economics were different back then. Really? Do some reading. The Market crash of 1929 had little to do with day to day business. But the fairly new Federal Reserve began REMOVING currency from the economy. The laws of lending then allowed banks to foreclose on borrowers who were at the short end of the stick when there was not enough money to go around. The new Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowed ANY banker to lend ANY AMOUNT to ANYONE. But bankers didn’t. They foreclosed on farms and industry at their discretion. This transferred valuable property into their ownership, not those working to pay off the mortgage but who came up short on scheduled cash flow. This was not a case of laziness. There was not enough money circulating for them to earn, no matter how valuable their product or skill was.

The “New Deal” borrowed major money from central banks, and built a lot of infrastructure in the US. But bankers weren’t satisfied. They wanted government to go further in debt to them. So they started WWII and made bribe-able historians claim it was only the war that got us out of the depression. No, banks began putting more currency into circulation after WWII is why the economy grew from late 40’s through the 60’s.

Nixon is blamed for taking the US off the gold standard in 1973, but fiat inflation had done major damage prior to that and he only released stored up pressure. Johnson had done the serious damage to the country beforehand. Nixon merely continued the suicidal path set up by international banks.

Anyone care to guess how $1,200 was selected as the amount to hand out to the masses to get our economy moving again following a bogus virus caused shut down?


Looking at e-bay, I see an 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar sells for about $40.  Thirty of them would cost $1,200. Your 2020 Stimulus check is 30 pieces of silver. Where have you heard that amount mentioned before?

Keep this in mind come election time, when you get to choose between the banker’s candidates of goats. One always seems awful. The other seems to relate to your views, until they get in office and they never follow campaign rhetoric. Bankers get what they paid for.


Goat of Mendes versus Judas Goat

You’ll never understand economics until you understand the creepy religions practiced by Central Bankers.

Ken Rasmussen 4/23/2020

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