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Buying Your Goat Vote

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

By simply having control of the fiat money we are all required to use, Central bankers end up owning the media that controls our perception of things. Controlled perception directly affects the value of most everything we deal with in life.

Our main website has focused on the cost of energy for years. We have even reported on various technologies that obtain kilowatts of power using much less effort than used to drill and process oil from the ground. But when bankers manipulate markets using fiat printed currency, in April 2020 they actually drove the US Dollar price of oil into negative territory. If that were true, they would be paying YOU to store their oil in your gas tank. THAT is better than FREE energy. If only the perception were true?

In March of 2020, we now see an alleged virus causing the world’s economy to grind to a halt and for people to stay home and huddle around their TV’s or computers, instead of working and buying things. But bribes alter statistics and other things. Many more people die from other causes, yet life went on and the wheels of an apathetic economy kept spinning. No matter how stupid the commodity was, people spent money on it and things continued to work. But something seemed different this time. Businesses actually closed. Churches stopped meeting. Protesters could not gather to protest.

Echoes of the Great Depression flashed into our minds. But we were told economics were different back then. Really? Do some reading. The Market crash of 1929 had little to do with day to day business. But the fairly new Federal Reserve began REMOVING currency from the economy. The laws of lending then allowed banks to foreclose on borrowers who were at the short end of the stick when there was not enough money to go around. The new Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowed ANY banker to lend ANY AMOUNT to ANYONE. But bankers didn’t. They foreclosed on farms and industry at their discretion. This transferred valuable property into their ownership, not those working to pay off the mortgage but who came up short on scheduled cash flow. This was not a case of laziness. There was not enough money circulating for them to earn, no matter how valuable their product or skill was.

The “New Deal” borrowed major money from central banks, and built a lot of infrastructure in the US. But bankers weren’t satisfied. They wanted government to go further in debt to them. So they started WWII and made bribe-able historians claim it was only the war that got us out of the depression. No, banks began putting more currency into circulation after WWII is why the economy grew from late 40’s through the 60’s.

Nixon is blamed for taking the US off the gold standard in 1973, but fiat inflation had done major damage prior to that and he only released stored up pressure. Johnson had done the serious damage to the country beforehand. Nixon merely continued the suicidal path set up by international banks.

Anyone care to guess how $1,200 was selected as the amount to hand out to the masses to get our economy moving again following a bogus virus caused shut down?


Looking at e-bay, I see an 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar sells for about $40.  Thirty of them would cost $1,200. Your 2020 Stimulus check is 30 pieces of silver. Where have you heard that amount mentioned before?

Keep this in mind come election time, when you get to choose between the banker’s candidates of goats. One always seems awful. The other seems to relate to your views, until they get in office and they never follow campaign rhetoric. Bankers get what they paid for.


Goat of Mendes versus Judas Goat

You’ll never understand economics until you understand the creepy religions practiced by Central Bankers.

Ken Rasmussen 4/23/2020

Termites in the Infrastructure

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Popular antiwar advocate Cindy Sheehan threw in the towel last week and chose to step out of the media spotlight. Why? After losing her oldest son to a war she felt was created by the Republicans, she discovered the Democrats were just as bloodthirsty and heartless. Those of us in the clean energy movement need to mature enough to know we haven’t had any good presidents or congresses in my lifetime, and I’m 56.

Let me dispel a few urban legends about some not so good guys.

Lyndon Johnson hung around with black civil right leaders and allegedly was responsible for moving the US out of the racist south days of the 50’s into the civil rights programs we see today. Yet E. Howard Hunt gave a deathbed confession that he observed Lyndon Johnson conspire with J. Edgar Hoover to use the CIA and the Mafia to kill JFK. If you can get your hands on a rare book that was only sold in France, the shady business associate of Lyndon Johnson, Billy Sol Estes stated the same thing, agreeing with several other contemporary historians. Mr. Estes also reported on several murders in Texas ordered by Lyndon himself as well as ripping off the government itself via corrupt frauds. Lyndon’s wife, Ladybird held huge stock in the company making helicopters that were dropping like flies in Vietnam, and of course, being replaced with new ones as soon as they dropped.

Nixon came in to clean up the Vietnam war, but milked it for several years just for his own gain, only to be taught the hard way that the shadow government controls Washington, not him.

Jimmy Carter is praised for raising efficiency standards of gasoline engines and being the first to promote various alternative energies. He is also portrayed as the victim of the “October Surprise” which blames Reagan and Bush for secretly delaying the Iran hostage situation just long enough to get elected. Legend goes on to blame Reagan and the Bushes as the first to start using “preemptive strikes.” An act which shifted US policy from one of being a defender to that of an aggressor. But for the record, the F117a was ordered by Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s. It was later revealed to the public in 1988 under Reagan. Here are some historical facts about the F117a that nobody noticed.

Take a look down the nose of the plane. Can anyone NOT see a correlation to the symbol of the New World Order – Illuminati? Why would Jimmy Carter order this plane? His affiliation with the Trilateral Commission maybe?

F117a - Illuminati Pyramid

Then take a top down perspective.

F117a top Masonic Symbol

See any relationship to the Masonic symbol? The tail point is exactly 90 degrees. I met a friend of the families to the 2 top hot shots at the Skunkworks. He told me both Kelly Johnson and Ben Rich were Masons. What a coincidence.

Inside the Skunkworks where the plane was made, industrious workers were always ready to make an extra buck as soon as it was legal. The same week the plane was acknowledged to exist and shown to the public, one of the line workers behind the “black curtain” was out at the Lockheed Skunkworks Credit Union parking lot selling T-shirts with a picture of the plane on the back and the insignia worn by the pilots on the front. I know, because I bought one myself. But a funny thing happened a week later. The same guy was still selling F117a T-shirts, but they didn’t look exactly the same. Take a close look at the insignia that was on the front of the first edition of the T-shirt.

1st edition t-shirt

Then look what happened to the insignia on his next “production run” that also ended up on his satin jackets. The illustration is off the satin jackets he sold, identical to 2nd edition T-shirts.

2nd edition logo

You will note the expression “First Strike” is missing. The FBI confronted him and DEMANDED he remove the phrase because as far as the public knew, the US would NEVER start a war. However, the first edition was copied from what was actually the truth behind the black curtain, again, ordered initially during the Carter administration.

Reagan sabotaged unions and triggered a continuous decline in middle class wages as a result that continues even to this day. He also complied with any scheme the Federal Reserve crooks asked of him, causing the term stagflation, worst of both worlds, rising prices but fewer jobs to pay for them. “Trickle Down Economics” was nothing more than corporate welfare for the rich. Oil accelerated the Middle East excuses to continue creeping fuel prices upward, even though there has NEVER been a real shortage of oil in the US.

Then along comes Clinton, most noted for his sex scandals, but overlooked for what he was doing in the background to America’s economy and secretly working with his former silent business partners, the Bushes, from an adjacent state. The neocon press was rightfully condemning scandals like the missile guidance secrets and other high technologies going to China, but nobody caught what he was doing for oil. Every new, clean energy inventor gets this comment shoved in his face. “You can’t do anything that will harm the US oil infrastructure, or the government will shut you down.” A recent inventor by the name of Paul Zigouras had 2 men in suits from some government agency come to his work place and told him that directly this year. Scared witless, he complied.

But I just learned something this week. That alleged Federal requirement is NOT urban legend. But it is NOT congressional legislation either. What is it? It’s an executive order. Issued by who? None other than the Bush’s silent business partner from the Mena Arkansas drug dealing days, Bill Clinton himself. Yes it is fact. Look up executive order number 13010, signed July 17, 1996.

Here’s a link to the Federal Register web site to read it for yourself. Note the Federal/Corporate alliance it establishes. That is the root of a Nazi government, corporate fascism.

I should note that it has been amended many times since to the point that it is now unclear whether it is still operational at all or if it has grown to be an enormous secret bureaucracy funded by the government, but dictated by the president. It’s first amendment, number 13025 increased its staff and made the president responsible for selecting everyone.So as the whirlwind of GW Bush blows through and threatens to both break us with high oil prices and destroy all the civil liberties America has had for 231 years, just remember the structure was weakened in the first place by a few characters some people thought were good guys. And the Federal mandate of our Federally enforced addiction to oil was a prescription written by that sneakiest pusher of all, Bill Clinton. Just trying to help out few friends.

So do any genuine “greens” out there really want another Clinton in the White House?

Ken Rasmussen