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M-ego-Maniac Whitman

Monday, October 11th, 2010

The present race for the governor’s seat in California has the Republicans and Democrats running two egomaniacs with the big money and the American Independent Party offering the only candidate with both brains and integrity. But millions spent on TV ads means most Californians don’t know the names or policies of any third party candidate.

A high tech energy technology could be developed and brought to market for about $30 million, give or take 50%.

Meg Whitman has thus far spent $140 million on an ego trip beyond description. While she has admittedly made a fortune running e-bay and her other investments, no Republicans are looking at her agendas and criminal alliances.

First and utmost, she was on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. Nobody and I mean NOBODY gets on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS without being part of the criminal cabal that Goldman runs.

Goldman orchestrated the multi-billion, if not trillion dollar rip off of the US taxpayer in the Bush/Obama hand off distraction the last few years. Both parties profited, at the expense of US Citizens and even aliens who pay taxes. But no one has gone to prison. Neither Obama nor Bush sought justice against the bankers who brought on the present mess.

I am astonished how Whitman has appealed to anyone with half a brain.

She still believes some Arabs in a cave made the entire US military stand down, circumventing the highest levels of encryption and security of the US Military, FAA, FCC, CIA, FBI, NSA and any other Washington agency that was supposed to know what was going on that day on 9/11/2001.

She believes 2 planes knocked over skyscrapers containing 48 vertical hardened steel columns each. That the metal miraculously heated itself up to beyond molten levels. Molten metal was found, still molten, weeks after 9/11, with no explanation whatsoever by the 9/11 commission.

She believes a small fire made a 48 story skyscraper, building 7, collapse perfectly on its own footprint.

In other words, she believes every lie George Bush and and Dick Cheney told us. Why? She is backed by the SAME people as Bush and Cheney. This is not hearsay. I KNOW THESE PEOPLE. They gave a million dollars of soft money to the Republican party to get Cheney into power. Now they are supporting Whitman.

What about pro-life issues? The Republicans controlled 2, almost 3 branches of the government for years and did squat.

What about the phony wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which evidence shows are not “liberating” anyone, but are supporting the opium trade instead. Our military has been quoted as saying “we don’t do body counts.” Those who do say the US is responsible for killing around 2 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. Does Meg Whitman realize we have boys from California there forced to perpetuate that mess? Does she realize every innocent civilian we kill there creates 10 relatives with a vendetta against the US that will NEVER die, no matter how much aid we send over there later? Murder is not good foreign policy.

How about Israel. I actually think Israel should be a sovereign country and safe from invaders. But the level of corruption there has exceeded sanity. Do you know since 1948 the US has given Israel, Carte Blanche, 5 times what it paid for the lunar space program? Why aren’t there more Jews on the moon now? Or maybe they spent it on their own Spy satellites.

And the irresponsible action of the present administration of Israel has exposed their own citizens to harmful depleted uranium. Who really cares for Israeli citizens? I do. But their own government does not. California is the largest contributor of income tax to the federal budget. Will Meg Whitman say anything about California Citizens supporting a foreign government with no respect for its own citizen’s health?

Will Meg Whitman investigate use of depleted uranium at all of the Federal military installations inside her state? When the wind blows, it risks everyone in the state, not just on Federal land.

A hundred and forty million dollars could have brought 4 or 5 advanced energy technologies to market. But what has has Meg’s squandering accomplished? It has made the coffers of TV stations richer. But it has not helped anyone else in the state. If Meg Whitman really wanted to help California, she would have invested in energy R&D, which would hire thousands and millions over the years. But no, she likes seeing her face in ads.

And for the few simpletons who think Jerry Brown is any different. He was and still is a political opportunist. No one seems to remember what he got away with when he was governor before.

All through the 70’s, Californians were forced to add “smog control devices” to their vehicles. Some made a little difference. Many devices were little more than a placebo, accomplishing nothing but adding bureaucratic paperwork to everyone trying to maintain a car. Who forced those devices on California? Trace many of the devices back to their patents. What a surprise. They were owned and controlled through Jerry Brown’s law office down in Los Angeles.

The Republicans and Democrats are owned and run by the same criminals. If you have either brains or a conscience, or both, you will look at 3rd party candidates. So far ONLY CHELENE NIGHTINGALE understands the corruption at CARB and also knows how to read the CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the state. It presently has over $500 billion of untouched funds. Who is managing it? Goldman Sachs and their network of bankers. Is any invested in California business? Not with Goldman and party insiders calling the shots.

Do you really want another opportunist governor like we’ve had the last 40 or 50 years?

Ken Rasmussen