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Clean Tech Open, 2012

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

On June 21, 2012, some of the most innovative inventors in America, with genuine concern for the environment, met with Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists for the first time that I have ever experienced.



While press releases for 2% or 3% better solar panels or wind mills have filled the press pages ad infinitum, ad nausea since the Jimmy Carter days, this is the first time in my experience that alternative capital has actually talked to alternative energy.



Conventional banking is dead. Corruption and graft killed it since 2008 or earlier. So in steps wealthy individuals who made a fortune or 2 from computers or software in Silicon Valley to solve the problem. Bankers have always demanded all you have as collateral. Miss a payment or 2 and they take everything. A Venture Capitalist agrees up front how much you want to sell to him, takes only that, and can’t have any more from you, until you really wish to sell it. Risk factors such as R&D time, market penetration, coordinating new supply chains, and learning curves of new employees make timely payment to a banker almost impossible, hence an agreement with a VC is much less stressful. VC’s have a vested interest in making your company succeed too. Bankers don’t. Bankers already have that signed piece of paper allowing them to take everything based entirely on their clock and calendar, not the start-up business owner’s.



VC’s want to lessen risk too. Can an inventor manage a business? Or is he just focused on one thing. That is one of many factors that must be ironed out before capital can flow and get the good idea onto the shelves at Home Depot for the public to find it.



The CommuteFaster energy news site generally aims at 2 areas. Exposing gross mis-allocation of energy resources by present monopolies or government, and trying to get ultra efficient energies both exposed and brought to market. Clean Tech Open is the first event I’ve seen making inroads to introducing genuine capital where it is needed most, the garage based inventor with the initial good ideas, and sometimes, an actual working model.



Clean Tech joined another group, Tech Connect at the Santa Clara California Convention Center to offer the most powerful compilation of technologies and business implementation imaginable. While over a hundred inventors were showing their prototypes and business plans at the exhibit hall, conference rooms were teaching classes on important issues like WHY major corporations are reluctant to invest anything in R&D.

Source of Ideas for Corporations

It all boils down to risk, or so they claim. Corporations get stuck in a rut very quickly. Find something that makes a profit, and they get afraid to even try anything different. While Steve Jobs is credited with using Apple’s capital for the R&D which brought the massively popular I-phone and I-pad to market, the speaker exposed some inside reluctance on Steve Jobs’ part to try several other things. Exactly what those techs were, nobody knows. But no big corporation is anxious to blow money on bad ideas, again, so they claim, so innovation more often comes from them talking to customers, rather than from their own in house resources.



The challenge to the inventor is they not only have to have a good, working device, they have to convince the VC or other type investor that they have what it takes to follow though in all aspects of business too. Which leads to a generalization by one Venture Capitalist, that all new start ups need 3 individuals. An engineer to make it work, a business manager to handle the financials and an adult to keep the other 2 in line. This of course references the few software companies started by a kid writing a killer software application while still living with parents. As software has negligible manufacturing and deliver expense, this has been the main driving force for many a fast-buck fortune. Silicon Valley is waking up to the near end of easy money, especially after the Fakebook fiasco, and is now taking a serious look at genuine needs, and with this event, beginning to apply funds to genuine solutions, especially in energy.



Now to some of the ideas shown, which were all looking for capital.



The company that headlined the bad news column at CommuteFaster just before the Clean Tech event, has to be top of the list. They request no name exposure yet, as they are frantically trying to get their stolen prototype rebuilt in time to stay in competition with Clean Tech Open. Efficient electric motor table 


And for good reason. Global winners are eligible for a $250,000 award this coming November. Proof of performance claims by 3rd party verification is part of the judging. But this much of their technology, they were willing to reveal.



A fuzzy image of the prototype was shown, but not distributed. It was the size of a soccer ball. Only 6 watts of DC input was creating well over 75 foot pounds of useable torque. This explanation was given.



All electric motors made to date ignore or mishandle the issue of back-EMF. Engineers are taught, even at university level to just discard it, shunt it to ground. This company took a different approach. They intentionally made the problem worse. The result is they found the components of an electric motor were throwing away a major, unrecognized source of energy. Their prototype was now generating extensive torque, using only a few watts of power as input, because the magnet and coil arrangement was kicking back “problematic, dirty energy” that everyone else to date, was throwing away rather than redirecting where it actually accomplished something.



Another inventor used a similar process to attack back-EMF in 1976 and obtained a few patents at the time. But the exhibitor at Clean Tech has the advantage of another 35 years of technology advancement, along with some of their own unique components, to handle the problem even more efficiently. As soon as 3rd party verification of performance is released, you will hear it here first.



This photo has been circulating the internet for a couple of months.


Ryno One Wheel Motorcycle

I first thought it was a computer simulation from some Hollywood cartoon. No, it’s real. The inventor, Chris Hoffmann was at the show. Ryno Motors is based in Portland Oregon. The unit is regulated to 12 MPH for in city use, but can do 25 MPH. It actually has preferable handling in many situations to the now common, 2 wheeled Segue. You sit on this. But you stand on the Segue.




A new wind blade design, intended to grab torque from low speed wind was shown. Pterofin blades

Inventor Wallace Kempkey’s website is at

The insect-like shape has unique properties to make most efficient use of low volume air movement. A situation where conventional blade designs don’t even move at all, much less generate useable torque.






MagnegeneratorRegenerative braking is a term used by the hybrid automotive industry. Magnegenerator has a design intended for the aftermarket of golf carts, forklifts and other low speed electric vehicles which have just thrown away braking energy like the automotive industry did for a hundred years. Their website is at




Another company working to grab wasted energy as we all bounce over bumps and chuck holes in the road is WattShocks. Not enough energy to power a vehicle yet, unless you drive on Illinois roads. But it could extend range on electric vehicles as much as regenerative braking does.



Tackling the huge energy waste of idling diesel big rigs is Direct Drive Energy.


Their website is They use a somewhat conventional technique of tapping wasted energy while the vehicle in is motion, by using an additional wheel, the net result is a charged battery sufficient to run air conditioning or heating for a rig’s cab during an 8 to 12 hour layover. This may not seem like much, until you realize the trucking industry has been idling their 400+ HP engines for the entire time to just run the air conditioning or heater. Imagine a 4 day layover in Phoenix during a 4th of July weekend in 104+ heat. I know a trucker it happened to.  Industry wide, the wasted fuel is in the millions of dollars of diesel a year, and creates totally unnecessary pollution.



Battery charging is another issue being attacked. While “Thor Charger” is primarily seeking development capital, and not wishing much public exposure yet, talking to their engineer, they have made tremendous advancement in the reduction of battery recharge time. A recent Jay Leno video reviewing an electric motorcycle spoke as if declining battery life and long recharge time were a limit of physics. No. It’s only a problem because companies like Thor, Bedini, or Novaplasma have, until Clean Tech Open, been unable to get sufficient capital to bring their faster/cooler charging technology to market. Things will be changing soon.



Being involved in the show myself, I regret not having time to talk to all the exhibitors. The few I did, revealed another surprise. The items they brought to the show were only one of their ideas. Usually the one most likely to generate investment the soonest. But what did they all have on the back-burner? One I talked to has a WORKING gravity wheel. I am now working with him to get a torque measurement on it and find the most efficient electric generator for it. Imagine a 4 foot by 6 foot space on the side of your house powering all your home’s electric needs. Another great invention you should be hearing about here at as soon as it becomes available.



Why haven’t we heard of all these small companies before? Wisdom says you perfect something before you mass produce it. Better to find ample capital and iron out the bugs BEFORE doing a YouTube video and making a fool of yourself when something breaks at the worst possible moment. Clean Tech Open is making real business managers out of garage inventors. This is a new approach to the somewhat hobbyist mentality of many alternative energy projects in prior years.



And one last thing to report. You are reading about this on a rather low volume readership blog. Why didn’t you see this on TV? If you lived in Beijing, you did. Reporter Shanshan Song,

Only ONE TV crew showed up to report the event…. one from China. Their video crew even has their own office there in Silicon Valley. Spying? No, more like performing as responsible human beings to confront pollution at the only place it can and has to be solved…..the FUNDING of INNOVATION.


Ken Rasmussen


NBC Dateline attempts journalism

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Aired on NBC prime time Sunday 4/5/2009
NBC hatchet spokesman Chris Hansen opens his propaganda piece referencing “desperate times call for desperate measures.”  Since the HAFC was exposing criminal activity by oil and car companies to force the public to contend with low mileage vehicles, it is apparent something desperate had to be done to confuse the public and keep money flowing at the gas pumps.

Lie #1
The report quickly confuses the public showing clips of Dennis Lee talking about a totally different technology than the one they actual pretend to test.  Like me bragging how tall the Empire State building is as a steel structure, then showing me standing next to my metal shed in the back yard. This is a total misquote of what was being described by Dennis Lee.

Lie #2
Less than 2 minutes in, Chris misrepresents the HAFC by saying that it turns water into fuel.  The HAFC electrolyzes water into 2 gases.  Those 2 gases convert gasoline, the REAL FUEL, into a much better burning and more explosive formula.

Lie #3
Chris then launches into an irrelevant topic, implying that dealership sales is the ultimate scam. Chris never mentions anyone can sell the HAFC unit and earn a commission absolutely free. No expensive dealership is necessary at all.  Dealerships offer different benefits Chris chooses to never mention.

Lie #4
Sam Burlum may have a big ego.  But he is NOT the “director of research” for the HAFC. He may be research director at HIS OWN company, but not Dutchman.

Lie #5
At the 4:25 point, Chris introduces a guy from Popular Mechanics. Yes, the SAME Popular Mechanics who rubber stamped everything the Bush administration said about 9/11/2001.  So we are to believe an organization caught lying about the deaths of 3,000 people and has DIRECT ties to big oil is going to tell us the truth about any mileage improvement device?  Of the millions of credible mechanics in the US, is there possibly a REASON NBC chose to use Popular Mechanics? Let’s see, Popular Mechanic’s online research editor is or was Benjamin Chertoff, cousin of Michael Chertoff, Bush’s appointee to Department of Homeland security. Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearst Publications and has a history of selling misinformation propaganda to the public for decades.  The old movie “Citizen Kane” was based on the Hearst propaganda machine. The present management has ties to CIA and a member or 2 from Skull and Bones. Is there a reason NBC chose NOT to interview either of the 2 expert witnesses who delivered testimony at the FTC trial?

Lie #6
Popular Mechanic Sr. Automotive editor claims the HAFC doesn’t make enough hydrogen to make a difference.  So NBC is quickly making the viewer believe hydrogen production is the only thing that would affect performance.  Wrong.  The car’s computer is the main issue and is dealt with by the optimizer.  The small amount of hydrogen generated is quite sufficient to make a considerable difference when combined with the computer corrections done by the optimizer.

Omitted detail, possible partiality
The HAFC is known to be a complex installation.  Messing with anything could and will destroy its performance.  Was a Dutchman installer allowed to be present during the dynamometer testing? No.  Are we to believe the test facility chosen by the accuser is to be believed as not possibly having a motive to mess something up?

Chris states they used a so-called “government approved company, Compliance and Research Services” to do the “same tests the Environmental Protection Agency performs before car companies put those mileage stickers on new cars.” Sorry guys.  That is not true.  EPA requires a lot more than what Compliance and Research did that afternoon from auto manufacturers, even though that dynamometer test may be part of it.  If you look at the website of the company,
you see they do alternative fuel conversions themselves.  But look what fuels they list: “C.A.R.S. have the capability to run your test program on alternative fuels such as natural gas, biodiesel, or ethanol as well as gasoline, diesel or indolene.”  You should note all are hydrocarbon fuels.  Any hydrogen expertise is not mentioned.  Any chance they might be a biased competitor?

Lies #7-?
First criticizing Dennis Lee’s personal religious belief, they then list several other devices Dennis has promoted, but NBC conveniently says nothing about any of them, just implying none of them ever worked.  Lies by implication. Would they ever attack anyone else’s religious belief?  Obama’s?  Or maybe religious hypocrites like Tony Blair or Newt Guinrich who suddenly became Catholic Pope worshippers for political convenience?

Lie #8
1990, Peter Sullivan alleges the Free Energy machine “had a problem delivering the real thing.” Chris Hansen proceeds to imply a unit was paid for but never delivered.  The truth is the device shown in the video was NEVER offered for sale.  The REASON it has not yet been delivered is the incessant propaganda work of Eric Kreig has persuaded many an attorney general in many states to condemn the product without any actual tests.  No money has ever been taken for actual sale of the device.  Many offerings of involvement in promotion of a future release have been made, at the total discretion of anyone who cares to become involved.  It is a lie to claim it was ever sold and not delivered.

Lie #9
NBC conveniently cuts out Dennis Lee’s full sentence talking about perpetual motion machines.  Dennis went on to talk about the sun or orbits of planets and other actions of nature which no one has ever witnessed stopping.  But NBC won’t take the time to listen to any truth.

Lie #10
University of MD professor Bob Parks opens with character assassination, then proceeds to recite dogma, rather than any actual test results. Bob Parks has never measured any of the free energy devices Dennis Lee promotes. Neither the HAFC nor the PICC are even claimed to be free energy.  Yet NBC wants to cluster everything together with ludicrous implications rather than direct evidence.

Lie #11 – ?
At the 4:30 point of part 2, NBC implies Dennis Lee’s imprisonment was the result of pleading guilty of 8 felony counts stemming from the marketing of one of his business opportunities.  Chris proceeds with his misleading phrasing by saying Dennis has been sued or prosecuted in nine states for violating consumer protection laws.  This is a misquote from Eric Krieg’s propaganda page.  As stated it is technically partially true, but ignores the FACT that prosecution and suits ARE NOT CONVICTIONS.   Are we all expected to be dumb enough to believe implications and never honest details?  Apparently NBC thinks all of us watch their soap operas every day.

Dennis was only “convicted” of not filing a form which no other business in California has ever been charged with, even though many would be eligible to if the same letter of the law were enforced impartially. A book could be written on how corrupt that specific law is and why nobody but political enemies are ever charged with it.  It was a focused attack on Dennis Lee by an ethically challenged prosecutor.  Dennis has only “plead guilty” when upon the advice of his attorney, that would stop the ongoing harassment intended to wear out Dennis’s resources.

Here is the major point.  Attacks have been cleverly postured to attempt to use the legal term of “discovery” to force Dennis Lee to expose ALL his proprietary intellectual property.  To do so would place yet un patented information into public record, thus destroying years of research and development.  Dennis is no fool.  People who misread the twisted record of events portrayed by Eric Kreig for years, and now NBC are the fools.

NBC goes on to list other states where Dennis has been attacked by equally corrupt government officials who answer to big oil bribes rather than legal justice.  NBC never lists any convictions with true reasons.  I challenge anyone to look up Dennis’s prison record in California and tell me the listed cause of his imprisonment.  The official prison document is blank where reason of imprisonment should be listed.  And remains blank to this day if you use an attorney database giving computer access to court documents.

Lie #12
At the 1:27 min point of part 3, Chris calls Dennis Lee the inventor of the HAFC.  Dennis is not and never has claimed to be the inventor.  The inventor is Mike Holler.  Mike Holler really is the research director for Dutchman and responsible for all performance claims, NOT DENNIS LEE.  Dennis oversees marketing, using data provided by Mike Holler.  Why didn’t NBC confront the actual inventor? ALL the performance numbers Dennis Lee uses came from Mike Holler.

Lies #13 – ?
And then comes the Eric Kreig interview.  If I’ve learned anything in 58 years of life, it is the trademark of a liar is what he accuses other’s of.

EK:  “He’s very good at controlling people”  Just like Eric himself.
EK:  “He constantly recycles new people”  Just like Eric himself.

Chris says the suit was dismissed with prejudice.  Since most of us don’t speak legalese, the true explanation is it was postponed because the FTC attack drained Dutchman’s resources, costing about a million dollars in lost sales and legal expenses to defend itself against the unjustified attack by FTC. It will continue where it left off as soon as Dutchman and Dennis Lee obtain sufficient money for legal costs.  It is conveniently not mentioned that Dennis has offered to settle his disputes with Eric Kreig out of court many times, but Mr. Kreig insists on totally destroying Dennis Lee rather than dropping his slanderous attacks.

EK:  “the urban legends about the person getting  a hundred miles a gallon are the ones that end up getting repeated.  They’re kind of friend of a friend stories, people like you are just supposed to just go away and oh it didn’t work, and you are just supposed to shut up about that.”  Really Eric?  Just like all your urban legends of massive “convictions” that never occurred?  Like all the suits and prosecutions, that never resulted in a genuine conviction?  Oh, yeah, Dennis won against FTC, but we’re supposed to just shut up about that I suppose?

EK:  “I’ve been wrong to predict his downfall in the past, he’ll probably weasel out of this and have some new promise”  Just like Eric Kreig.

Lie # 14
NBC inserted an interview with an unidentified government bureaucrat discussing totally unrelated crimes with nothing to do with either Dutchman or Dennis Lee.  It’s positioning implies Dutchman is guilty of all they talk about.  Creative editing again.  No justification whatsoever.

Lie #15
Leo Brancato.  Convoluted self contradictions here. One point claims it worked for 4 days, but later says the optimizer probably contains sand.  Interesting that sand could work so well for 4 days.  NBC claims in overlaid graphics that he is “trying” to get a refund.  Also stated by the teacher in another clip.  Why didn’t NBC confront each individual dealer the units were purchased from? They are the ones responsible for all refunds, not Dutchman or Dennis Lee.  Dennis has NEVER told dealers to keep money from unsatisfied customers.

Lie #16
When you quote someone out of context, you are lying yourself.  NBC repeatedly played Dennis Lee using the word “Guarantee.” And then conveniently cut out both what it is guaranteed to do and what is offered if the unit should fail.  This is intentional lying on NBC’s part.  They make no mention and didn’t even give Dennis the opportunity to explain that REFUNDS ARE ISSUED whenever a system fails to interface properly with the car’s computer.  The tidbit snips left from their hatchet job of editing shows Dennis was trying to explain this on his front porch, but NBC was afraid the public might realize Dennis was an honest business man.  Their entire intent of this report was to paint Dennis Lee in the worst light possible.

Lies # 17 – ?

Kreig claims to have felt bad for all the poor people turning over their money to Dennis Lee at one of his presentations.
EK:  “I actually went to one of his shows just for entertainment cause it just seemed like such a goof, but when I saw all the people turning over their life savings to him, I felt bad and made a point to be the one voice of reason for what he claims.” Chris asks “what’s your background?”
EK:   I’m an electrical engineer who’s worked on developing electronic products in telecommunications and robotics industry for 25 years.”
Chris: It would be hard to pull the wool over your eyes with something like this wouldn’t it?
EK:  “I’d like to think so, but if the science I have learned is wrong, then I would expect a level of proof to prove it.

Both proceed to discuss the irrelevant topic of the cost of a dealership, which is never forced on  anyone.  Eric also boasts of setting up his web page shortly after attending his first Dennis Lee program. A web site he boasts has kept many away from even looking at what Dennis has to offer.

My assessment.
1) Eric is an electronic engineer.  That qualifies him for electronic issues.  NOTHING ELSE.  The judge in the FTC case chastised FTC for bringing in a cryogenics Ph.D. to discuss automotive science.  So here we see Chris Hansen implying that an electronics engineer is qualified to analyze anything.  Typical of NBC.  NBC star Jay Leno can interview Paris Hilton and expect her to be an expert on anything too.  Hey, celebrities know everything don’t they?  Eric Kreig is the celebrity of the day at Dateline.
2) If Eric was concerned about people squandering their life savings on something foolish, why has he only focused on Dennis Lee all these years?  No concern about Bernie Madoff?  SEC corruption?  Bankers taking homes from so many elderly?  When did Eric obtain his professional investment advisor credentials?  Did he think of directing any of those poor misguided souls TOWARD a good investment advisor?  No, he only decided to slander Dennis Lee the rest of his life.  Did he ever measure ANY of the devices Dennis Lee promoted?  No.  He has only used theory and conjecture on his web site since inception.  His web site has destroyed every attempt Dennis Lee has made to implement and activate any of his energy projects.  The HAFC and PICC are neither anywhere near the theoretical “Over Unity” that is often debated, but just because Dennis Lee promotes it, Eric has slandered him and everything he represents no end. Expert internal combustion witnesses on behalf of the Dutchman project presented evidence to a court that it is entirely possible to get a 200% increase in fuel economy by injecting hydrogen from water, and the judge ruled in Dutchman’s favor after hearing witnesses for both sides. Eric also slanders all the other hydrogen boost devices on the market claiming none work when many others DO DELIVER a consistent 10 to 25% improvement in mileage.  The HAFC is about the ONLY one offering computer modification to enable it to go beyond the 25% performance improvement to higher levels.

Does Eric offer any help to the victims of the oil companies gouging over $80 billion out of commuter pocketbooks the last 2 years?  No.  No concern whatsoever about $80 billion extorted from people who HAVE TO BUY GAS TO GET TO WORK.  Just a psychotic obsession to destroy everything Dennis Lee does, attacking every single business venture and even his religion. Eric loves to pontificate outside his area of expertise.  He has NO CREDENTIALS for either investment advice or automotive combustion, yet NBC gives him prime time, HDTV network airtime to state his opinions, as if they had any value.

NBC plays clips from a hidden camera of Dennis Lee at a dealer sales event.  The use of a hidden camera implies something sinister or illegal was taking place.  It caters to the voyeur psychie. Dennis would have said the same things in a TV studio in sharp focus if they had asked.   They also splash graphics of big numbers like $300,000 or $350,000 on the screen, implying an outrageious theft was in progress and being captured by their voyeur cam.  May I ask the relevance?  Has NBC ever attended or looked into buying a Mac Donald’s franchise?  I understand they cost over a million dollars.  The movie “Super Size Me” revealed Mac Donalds has hurt more people with their junk food than Dennis Lee will ever harm. NBC implies $300,000 for a dealership to help customers with energy cost problems is a crime while a Million Dollars for a franchise to sell high fat foods to children and elderly is normal. But who’s paying attention?

Lies #17 – ?
Chris and the old windbag from U of MD ramble on about Dennis Lee promoting conspiracy theories. Apparently neither of these characters knows what a conspiracy is.  It is an agreement between 2 or more individuals to harm another or commit a crime that is either immoral or illegal.  So neither of these characters think anybody has ever conspired to:
A)  create a monopoly
B)  abuse the power of a monopoly
C)  use violence against a competitor
D)  abuse power in any way shape or form
E)  bribe a politician to write laws favoring one person over another
Or any type of conspiracy because all are just theories they claim.

And both think the US Government always has the public’s best interest in mind with all their actions.

Do I really need to comment further?  I wonder who they conspired with to make this propaganda show intended to remove ALL hydrogen boost devices from the market?

Ken Rasmussen


Clean Electric Transportation Available NOW

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Alternative energies are great, but what can I buy and use today? That is about the only criticism I get about my CommuteFaster Energy news page. Most brilliant technologies are either dodging the “men in black” to sneak their ideas into manufacture or if they actually accomplished getting a patent, they are still trying to find a bank willing to help them get a factory running.

In the mean time… Electric is now and 100% forward compatible to any of the clean energy technologies I have reported on the last 3 years.

Environmental Motors Grand Opening

May 22, 2007 was the Grand Opening of Environmental Motors in Glendale California, just northeast of Los Angeles. Environmental Motors is aiming to be THE one stop for any clean energy transportation present or future. According to director Taryn Socolow they are open to representing all of them. The makes and models currently offered are listed at their web site I would point out they are already dealers for ZAP which announced the startling X-Crossover this February, a 644 HP, 155 MPH, 300+ mile range all wheel drive, 7 seat family SUV that recharges in 10 minutes. ZAP X Crossover Taryn expects ZAP to start delivering the X-Crossover within a year, but ZAP has not informed dealers of a specific date yet. She says they are also pursuing Tesla Car representation, which has sold 300 of their all electric, $100,000 sports cars since their announcement last year.

Honda FCX - Hydrogne Fuel Cell Additionally, Environmental Motors is also a Honda Dealer. With Honda’s announcement this last week of the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell FCX to go into full production in 2008, they are ideally situated to handle the latest and greatest of both technologies.

Proving both his sense of humor and true support of clean transportation, Chris Paine, Director of “Who Killed the Electric Car” was also at the Grand Opening.

Taryn & Kent Sokolow w/ Chris Paine Here are a few snaps I took at the event. Feel free to contact anyone at the firm for more details on any of the products they offer.

Ken Rasmussen 5/25/2007

Kent Sokolow, Bill Williams Kent Sokolow, owner of Environmental Motors and Bill Williams, VP North American sales of ZENN – Zero Emmission No Noise Electric cars fielded questions from the audience. Bill gave a 15 minute presentation bringing everyone up to speed on the current state of the electric car.

Electric presentation Flaunting a first class line up of clean efficient electric force…

… some oil tycoon must have complained to the local police about parking violations. So out came the black and whites. Conspiracy????? Traffic patrol

Kent and Taryn Sokolow were interviewed by ABCTV for a segment on Eye on LA. Eye on LA interview

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles for both low speed Urban/Industrial/Campus application or freeway speed applications are stocked.




Smar FourTwo sticker

Smart Car convertible

Smart Car

The Honda Civic Hybrid was on display. EPA = 49 city, 51 hwy.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

Along with the Honda Accord V6 Hybrid. EPA = 28 city, 35 hwy, but just drive one, you’ll love the power it has when the extra 40 HP electric motor kicks in, as well as the luxurious interior and wonderful dual wishbone suspension handling.

Honda Accord V^ Hybrid interior

Bill Williams and Kent Sokolow kept an attentive audience fielding questions for half an hour.

Environmental Motors showroom EVM EVM

So let the sparks fly…

EVM ribbon cutting