Ken Rasmussen is your moderator.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss and review technologies and products reported on at the CommuteFaster.com Energy page.

True clean energy technologies that work have been around for over a hundred years, but suppressed or killed by monopolies.  The purpose of this blog is to overcome that problem.

Please identify your topic category properly when making posts. No matter how good, brilliant or strong your opinions and views are on a topic, they will only be appreciated when posted under the appropriate category where the reader has an idea what to expect.  Off topic comments will likely be re-filed or deleted if too bizarre.

No profanity will be tolerated. Maturity has nothing to do with pottymouthing. You can hear that on the boob tube, which caters to the 12 year old mentality. This site is for mature readers.

Despite my own strong views on some matters, please feel comfortable posting what you know on the same topics. I certainly don’t know everything and want to be brought up to speed when somebody has more truth and wisdom to share.

KLR 5/12/2007

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