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Get to know your free CIA spook services

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Spy versus Spy It was revealed some time ago that the CIA provided startup funding for Google. Just like the spiritual type, government spooks don’t dissappear easily without a major exorcism, not easily accomplished. So in the mean time we see Google is offering interesting spillover information to anyone.

Google is beta testing a Lab program called Trends. With it you can see volume and location stats on certain search words. I’m not sure of the value of this, but it is interesting and I’m sure reveals something in the background.

Here are some samples of words and phrases and what cities searched them most often

  • employment: maybe not good places to find an easy job
  • money: 6 of top ten are in UK
  • antichrist: all but 2 are Bible Belt localles
  • ufo: 5 of top ten are in Poland. Remember the Vatican is in Rome.
  • NSA: Paranoid people want to know who’s talking about them
  • mafia: ditto
  • bribery: ditto, ditto
  • CIA: My energy site also started getting a lot of traffic from Brazil the same time GWB paid a visit. Coincidence?
  • clean energy:
  • solar energy: 5 of top 10 are in Australia
  • green energy: TX oil is afraid of something
  • wind energy: Chicago not even on list?
  • Tesla: a rare prophet honored in his home town, but not among thieves in the US, I’m ashamed
  • Tesla car: 4 CA cities top list
  • coal: Charleston WV must be worried about something
  • nuclear: Albuquerque is a lot more interested than Iran
  • Britney Spears: Mexico City?
  • Paris Hilton: so Irvine California is the teeny bopper capitol of US

KLR 5/14/2007