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A Platform for the Flush the Toilet Party

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Calling for Write Ins Only

If you can’t write, you shouldn’t vote

Has any political party shown a candidate who even admits these problems exist, much less offered solutions? The DC Beltway is oddly shaped like a toilet seat. A toilet all parties have taken a dump in for years, but no one has bothered to flush.

A horse thief stole a cowboy’s ability to survive. Lenders do the same. Banker supported politicians write laws hiding the crimes. Contracts are cleverly written so the debt is not paid off until the end of the contract. Any interruption in life, health, layoff, accident, or market shift, enables the lender to take all collateral with no obligation to return any equity earned. Abusive bureaucrats do the same, enforcing the letter of the law with an iron fist, showing no human consideration in enforcement, oblivious to the harm and suffering they cause.

The Federal Reserve act was implemented in 1913. Income tax was also enacted to pay the interest on the debt created. A never ending circle. Can IRS be explained? It does not build highways. It entirely pays banker interest, nothing else. We need to return to constitutional money. No interest to bankers.

The infinite creation of money meant ANY banker could now re-finance ANYONE at ANYTIME. The banker lost nothing. The money lent was fictitious to begin with. But bankers don’t, choosing to repossess rather than give 2nd opportunities to victims of circumstances.

IRS has become a thug organization threatening the wealth and health of political enemies of whatever administration is in power. That must stop. IRS serves no sane purpose to exist. Enact the Tax Retirement Fund policy proposed by Walter Burien. Proper INVESTMENT of government assets can provide all revenue necessary to operate government.

The Bush administration hid massive information about 9/11. Why has he and his administration never been called on the carpet to explain the numerous inconsistencies? Why did he introduce a Nazi organization into the American culture called Department of Homeland Security? Why did he appoint a dual citizen to administrate it? Why did he then put it over control of the Department of Defense. Again, run by a dual citizen, Michael Chertoff. This is pure treason and destroyed whatever national security we may have had.

Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security. Return the Department of Defense. Stop all dual citizenship from any US Government employment.

Why has the Department of Energy not replaced the polluting industries of coal, oil and nuclear with clean alternatives? Nuclear remediation has been known about since the mid 90’s, but the physicist who invented the process was removed by political means by the corrupt Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Is America administered by the US Constitution, or is it a corporation following a mysterious Charter since 1871? If it is the latter, what government entity issued the Charter? And why have the articles of its incorporation never been taught in schools? If the US Constitution is still the authority, why don’t people in power positions follow it?

Why the dual standard allowing banks who launder hundreds of millions of drug money, to just get fines, but dropping the hammer on small users? Drug use is a medical problem. Drug promotion is a banker problem.

Fine print on new cell phones, express health dangers. Why is this legal avoidance of responsibility allowed? If cell phone radiation is hazardous, why not make it public?

Why does major media only cover has beens? Because they want to milk the last dime of advertising revenue from past efforts. And no newcomer has the revenue to buy as much media attention as a Kardashian.

Why has media ignored all the Crimes committed by Bill Clinton? George Bush? Obama?

Hazardous side effects of vaccines are ignored by candidates and media alike.

Monsanto appears to own both media and all candidates. No mention of GMO hazards come to light.

Why are whistle blowers chased down like rats, but criminal bankers, and politicians who hide them enjoy their mansions and private jets?

Why is any dual citizenship allowed for any position in US government? Can’t they find work elsewhere? No, because private industry requires honest performance to justify a paycheck, unlike government.

Credit reporting or gossipers? Vindictive or supportive?

Warmongers belong in the front line.

No more predator drones.

American military spending is as bad as Russia during the cold war.

World Military Spending


Fukushima radiation must be addressed. Investigative reporter and former NSA technician himself reports placement of both Stuxnet and micro nuke explosives was done by Mossad. Why does America do anything with that criminal organization? Why is Netanyahu allowed on American soil with his support of acts like this that threaten the lives of innocent parties.

Ref:  FukushimaReport

Why does America support Israel at all? Claim of an everlasting land grant to a particular race is the result of horrific biblical scholarship and blatant racism. It violates basic Christianity and also offends every other religion on the planet.

Review ANY secret society membership. Divulge and register. Disallow those proven to violent behavior.

Instant judgments? How does law enforcement know the cause of anything by the 6:00 news? How does a drone flying at altitude, know the identity of everyone they are about to kill? Stop all predator drones. Forbid ignorant “statements” from law enforcement, without proof. Fire any who ignore this.

Abuse of power issues. Anyone convicted of abuse of power in any government position needs to be held personally responsible and denied any possibility of future employment in any government position.

Who controls all security clearances? Why is criminal activity hidden within them? Who is allowing this?

Is critical Government communication routed through an onion router? Why? Who is policing any possible rerouting of critical information? Who issued the SERCO corporate charter? Why is ANY private corporation allowed to control such highly sensitive government information? Only elected government should hire individuals to work in such sensitive areas.

If Government monitors anything done by a US Citizen, that citizen should be able to see what is being monitored at any time without a complicated court order. If the citizen loses something, and NSA has a copy, it should be provided free of charge to the person who lost it, as a benefit of being a taxpayer.

Money should always be proportional to the population. Government should return to issuing constitutional money, and regulate it to population growth. Moderate gold backing should be established for international stability, but not for circulation. Government operations are to be covered by the Tax Retirement Fund promoted by Walter Burien, mentioned elsewhere in this article.

All foundations are tax scams. Even churches survived without the 501c3 category before it was implemented as a way to stifle their political voice. No foundation properly helps those who need it. Cancer foundations are the most obvious fraud. How many years, how many dollars? But cancer continues to take more victims every year. Eliminate both foundations and religious exemptions. Let donations cover all costs, not hide tax liability for the wealthy. Eliminate ALL income tax to begin with. Make donations mean something.

Eliminate Corporate Income Tax also. Establish a proportional payout of earnings to shareholders and general employees. CEO payroll multiples over 150 times that of an entrance worker is insane and criminal. If he wants more, he should just buy company stock and enjoy the same dividends paid to all other stock holders.

Tariffs supported the country for years. Let’s return to that, along with the Tax Retirement Fund program proposed by Walter Burien who will use true CAFR accounting to produce ample wealth to eliminate all other taxes. Let everyone keep what they earn, and freely give help where ever they desire, without government bending their motivation.

What candidate in any party has addressed ALL these topics? None. If they are on the ballot, they are on the take by someone with a lot of money they likely stole from YOU.

If their name is on the ballot, they aren’t worth a vote. Either write in a name you know you can trust or don’t waste a vote for someone who will lie to you.

If you don’t know how to write, you are not qualified to vote.

Ken Rasmussen

5/20/2015 link repaired 4/11/2020


Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Calibration is the problem, the ENTIRE problem.



Engineers know this. Anyone who knows the difference between analog and digital equipment knows anything analog becomes worthless as soon as it goes out of calibration. Even digital equipment may continue to crunch the numbers properly, but when it converts its results to an analog form for humans to use, it MUST meet calibration reference standards.



A volt must be a volt. A pound must be a pound. An inch must be an inch. A minute must be a minute, etc.



When a person’s diet become lopsided over the holidays, colds, sniffles or weight gain results. Why? Your body has lost its calibration points, namely a consistently healthy diet.



When your car leans toward one of the tires. Check the air pressure, it must match the other 3 tires. Likewise, the air pressure gauge you use on one tire, should match the one used on the other 3.



Same thing with the economy. Its CALIBRATION, STUPID. It’s not any of the gazillion distractions that get the blame. It’s not union greed, corporate greed, peak oil, high or low interest rates, Reaganomics, Obamanomics, big box stores or small family owned business sticking it to the consumer. It is entirely calibration messing up the country and world economies. The distractions can AFFECT calibration, BUT the root problem is lack of CALIBRATION ITSELF.



We have DIGITS on the dollar bill for a reason. It’s called a denomination. That is supposed to be a statement of value. But currencies trade on a market. Markets depend on supply and demand, NOT fixed value. Unfortunately, and even Ron Paul doesn’t seem to know this, GOLD is a trade-able commodity on a market, thus is NOT a stable reference calibration point either. While it may have been a credible reference standard 200 years ago. A hundred years of every country in the world using a fiat currency system has allowed those who print the money to now own most all of the gold. Busted.



So what reference standard would stabilize ALL money, no matter what country? I’m only concerned about humans myself, not much else, selfishly because I am one.



How about taking a serious look at the cost of civilized living ANYWHERE on the planet, and standardize that? The Consumer Price index was a failed attempt to do that, until things got removed and other things added. Not much demand for buggy whips, but how long with plastic I-pads demand big bucks?



People need:

Food, clothing, housing, transportation, communication.



Nobody, no matter how handicapped or lazy deserves to sleep and die in the street. ANYONE willing to show up at a job and do what they are told, deserves to have all 5 issues met, no matter how menial their skill/task requirements are. If the job requires a human to do it, the human doing it needs all 5 of the above met in exchange for their labor. If your car needs so much gas to get to your destination, you either put it in the tank or walk. Same with employees. Pay them enough to live on or get out of that business.



Politicians invented minimum wage to accomplish that task. But it failed miserably. A 40 hour minimum wage job in Los Angeles will not presently qualify a person for a small one bedroom apartment there from any commercial housing firm, not to mention the other 4 needs. Why?



Total MIS-Calibration of wages to actual cost of maintaining a human.



Marrying and supporting a family should not be reserved to the elite either. That needs to be included, as does supporting elderly parents and savings for unlisted challenges.



As we look at manufacturing technology over the last hundred years, that has changed drastically too. But society is not all manufacturing jobs. Many jobs just require sitting in a chair doing some serious thinking, maybe with a computer in front of you, or a steering wheel, but time consuming none the less. Still, I feel the 40 hour work week should now be history. If a business makes widgets, forget tying your slave to a machine for 40 hours. Consider an 18 hour week. Yes, I said 18 hours. If the goal is to crank out widgets using all available machine time. Hire 8 times as many people, work them on 6 hour shifts. 4 shifts per day. 3 days a week. You may now do that again inside the same week. Result is your plant cranks out widgets 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, but no overtime expense. The hitch is you need to pay each worker enough to live on from only 18 hours of work. That is YOUR problem Einstein, not THEIRS. You’re the brilliant guy who runs the company and expects the big bucks yourself, right? Here is how to do it.



RECALIBRATE EVERYTHING or DIE when the present system explodes and takes everything down.



Bankers have known this fact of the universe since the start. They have continually nudged the calibration of EVERYTHING in the economy to their favor. The table has been tilted to make all the chips slide to their side of the table. Can anyone take multinational CEO, celebrity, or sports figure wages seriously? Or ANY executive banker wage? All they do is count YOUR money, and make it become theirs. They never worked to earn the money they loan you. It’s been a mafia racket since day one.



If a person cannot obtain your product or service in order to meet his 5 necessities of life, for the price offered, your product is OVERPRICED. Likewise if his 18 hour paycheck allows him to get too much of your product or service, you are UNDERPRICED.



This is where fiat currency becomes practical and harms no one, so long as it REMAINS CALIBRATED to the population at large. There has to be sufficient currency available for companies to pay employees enough to live on sufficiently from only 18 hours of work. This pulls the huge amount of unemployed off the streets. This also makes employers who have taken unfair advantage of slave labor wages, reassess their business plan.



Three industries need to do some soul searching immediately. Housing is too expensive everywhere. Maintaining a reliable vehicle is too expensive everywhere. Energy is too expensive everywhere.



Automation and other technology advances can and should affect all 3 soon, so long as the companies who make them don’t expect their present outrageous profit margins, which all flow to a small number of shareholders.



Seemingly converse. Corporate profits need to be included in necessary costs to continue to pay dividends to retirees and those taking the risk of helping the company get started in the first place, along with ongoing growth. This continues the good aspects of capitalism by both allowing and encouraging profits to those who deserve them.



Any honest person who studies the CAFR knows taxes have been unnecessary in this country for more than 50 years. Put some honest politicians in office and hire some honest accountants too. Government can run itself, WITHOUT INCOME TAX, either personal or corporate. Taxing the corporation means less they can pay their employees and stockholders. Both are counterproductive.



Bankers presently are aiming at something resembling what I say here, but not the same. They claim they need a one world government to enforce such ideals. Wrong.



Nations survive quite well in peace until bankers start wars. People gladly stay within borders until something forces them away from their natural habitat. China is the most populated nation on the planet, but still remains within borders. The United States still has enormous areas of unpopulated land, but continues to force its corrupted opinions on small countries throughout the middle east. It neither needs their dirt, nor its oil. Power monger mental cases rise to the top in government. They now have the triggers to the biggest guns on the planet, yet the American economy drops to 3rd world level in many states and counties now.



If calibrated properly, there should be no destitute starving anywhere, nor should there be fat cats making zillions/second while they sleep using phony debt as a threat against those who do work. There are PLENTY of resources in the world to do exactly as I suggest.






START with providing the basic needs for ALL employees, structured to create a product meeting acceptable market pricing, then let your automation equipment and marketing strategies create the profits.



No elite bureaucrats controlling the worker; telling menial labor to live in the slums, while they ride chauffeured limos to their estate. No corrupt labor union leader making more than the founders, demanding money that doesn’t exist either.



Recalibrate or face the consequences. The gauge on your boiler says normal, while the temperature inside is ready to rupture its container and take out a city in the process. Nature itself is constantly adjusting for imbalances. ALL factors of our economy need to also.



The ultimate reference point is not the weight of gold. It is the command to “do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” God put humans on a planet with plenty of resources to survive quite well. Whatever goes out of calibration and causes either extreme of poverty or opulence needs to be corrected.



Ken Rasmussen, editor:






Worm Holes and Maggot Food

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Jesus Christ warned us these would be confusing times. He was not joking. Discerning truth from conflicting stories is no longer an easy task, yet it is possible.



Back in the literal black and white days of TV, one could honestly retrieve reasonably accurate news from their TV sets. Back then about the only things censored from the screen were things that belonged in the bathroom, not in public. Now bathroom indecency is the norm and public decency doesn’t exist. Evil forces quickly discovered people were believing anything they put on the screen. Government propaganda now tries to make every form of sexual perversion appear normal. How we got so many homosexuals, lesbians and pedophiles in public office is best researched over at and too long to encapsulate here. But just taking a trip on an airplane now exposes everyone to indecent personal exposure with naked body scanners or man-handling by perverts regardless of age. TSA mocks decency and endorses pedophilia. This screen saver at a TSA work station proves it.



Special effects in film and TV have made many things indistinguishable. This promo for a special effects company illustrates many of the techniques they use.




While it is startling what a hundred dollar video software program can produce, the slick effects seen in the Stargate Studios Backlot Reel still require many specialists and massive computing power to make it believable in terms of resolution that don’t show glitches or enormous pixels. Who has the money to assemble all the talents and facilities necessary? If it yields a box office of many millions of dollars, it is economically justifiable. Or more frightening is if it convinces enough people to follow your political leadership, it becomes worth the expense to those with the money and desire to control people.



But what price for power? Meg Whitman thought she could buy the governor’s seat for $140 million dollars. She lost the election. She made such a fool of herself blowing money like that, all Jerry Brown had to do was keep his mouth shut. He is certainly a worse candidate, but his friends in media found it too easy to criticize a woman with no limits on her ego or spending. Now California is forced to 6 years of the same garbage we endured back in the 70’s. Only because the media continues to preach the “2 party only” lie. And California’s ballot counting is just as corrupt as that in Illinois. The state had 2 other very qualified candidates, but nobody heard of them as they were censored off television by economics.



Let’s look at deception on a national or international level.



It is said Werner Von Braun tried shooting rockets to the moon back in the 1940’s. But sometimes he hit London. Historian William Lyne, who I interviewed on my talk show, revealed Werner stole technology from Nikola Tesla in the 20’s, took them to Germany and gave them to Hitler in the 30’s. Then under project “Paper Clip,” he was immigrated back to the US after WWII and made head of the US Space program. Allegedly he was then a converted former Nazi. From whatever his real position was, he warned coworkers of an international plot to create a one world government.


The last 2 steps were to start a war against terrorism (an indefinable enemy) followed by a fake invasion from space aliens.



Ever since the original Star Trek, we have been taught to respect a “Federation” and follow the collectivist ideology of the Federation only doing what is best for the greater good, inflicting their ideals with force on the entire population. And we are taught that is good.



Science Fiction has been agenda driven since the 60’s. Special effects have gotten so good, it now clouds reality. But who is inserting agendas into our entertainment? An unsubstantiated rumor claims more than half the budget for the technically excellent TV series “The Event” is coming from the Pentagon. The Pentagon has many rooms and many factions within those rooms. Which one is pushing what agenda?



In episode 2 & 3 we see a jumbo jet jump from Florida to the desert via a worm hole. In reality you saw scrap aircraft parts rented from the Mojave Airport bone yard, transported to a national park in the Mojave desert, by Kenworth and Peterbilt diesel powered trucks. I know this because I saw them in the California desert late last summer shooting the scenes. I snapped this with my cell phone.



The Event locaiton in desert


Plots include government infiltration, child kidnapping, overridden controls, and stolen nuclear weapons.



At sunset, Monday, 11/8/2010 the US Navy held a missile test off shore of Los Angeles California. It was pre-announced on a government publication sent to fisherman and commercial boaters in the area. If you watch the CBS video you see a Chinook helicopter from the Camp Pendelton Marine Base hovering on the right of the screen. It was there to make sure there were no accidental sailboats or VFR Piper Cubs in the area. Yet someone started a rumor that a Chinese submarine snuck into our waters and launched their own ICBM there. Absurd. I know people who work at the Navy facilities who confirmed to me it was a scheduled launch. Yet people are being told it was Chinese. Why?



We have a currency revaluation and international banking crisis in the works. Just as when caught cheating at poker in the old wild west, the villain’s solution was always to pull out his 45 and blow away the accuser, we see London Bankers pulling the same maneuver. They want the US to go to war with China, as they are now caught committing fraud against not only China, but the rest of the world. But China is presently holding most of the bogus funny money the bankers used to buy the real stuff China has been making and selling.



Prior to 1963, did anyone from Vietnam ever murder anyone in your family?

Prior to 1990 did anyone from Iraq ever murder anyone in your family?

Prior to 2001 did anyone in Afghanistan ever murder anyone in your family?

Prior to 2009 did anyone from Pakistan ever murder anyone in your family?



Let’s go back further.

Prior to 1942 did anyone from Japan or Germany ever kill anyone in your family? History that was censored from our text books shows that:

  • Japan was building up a military machine with money they got from London Bankers in Hong Kong prior to Pearl Harbor.

  • Prescott Bush was a Wall Street Banker investing heavily with Germany to build their military via Adolf Hitler, and was caught continuing his practice even DURING the war.



Every war in history had a financial aspect. And the media of the time was paid to tell lies about false enemies first, and covertly turn them into real enemies later by also feeding lies to their culture. Cultures don’t rise up and go to war solely on their own. Financial power mongers create enemies.



Whether KGB/Spitznatz in Russia, MI5 or MI6 in UK, CIA in the US, or Mossad in Israel, ALL and I really mean ALL are more loyal to their banking ties than they are to their own governments they allegedly serve. No army goes to war without paychecks and supplies, all being paid for by the SAME bankers. ALL intelligence organizations derive a bulk of their intelligence from bank data, gladly provided to them by the crooked bankers themselves. All intelligence organizations operate on hidden funds, routed through bank accounts that civilians wish had the same level of secrecy. But civilians are the only ones hit by “ identity fraud.” Ever hear of a multimillion dollar covert CIA fund having it’s account number and PIN stolen by a teenage hacker? That might be funny if it ever happened, but it never does. Bankers know which clients to really protect. Honor among thieves.



Arabs and even Muslim Arabs enjoyed their lifestyles in the desert until Big Oil and CIA money got involved. Money got funneled to the most violent minority radicals, to CREATE a well funded enemy. Now we do have violent Muslims. But they didn’t happen naturally. It began by instigators with banker money, managed by the military industrial complex Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about. That created enemies and a false justification to blow away the accuser by going to war. Endless wars, so long as the international bankers have control of the only money people know about.



Gold is not the answer, and never has been. Scripture warns us not to put our faith in gold. It also warns not to put faith in horses or military. He, God is to be our support and where we put our faith. Horses can trip. Electronics can short out. Digits can be altered.



Take time to assess anything you hear. Never make a fatal move based on snap judgment or first impression.



Never kill anyone based on what a politician told you.



My energy news page is not instant. I try to assess news before I post it. There are energy news sites out there who post anything they hear immediately, then make fools of themselves later as more truth is revealed contradicting their initial claims.



The old rule of thumb to “follow the money” was fairly good to identify the bad guys. But it became too easy to launder money through 3rd, 4th and infinite other parties to get bad deeds accomplished, then hire a public relations firm to paint a rosy picture and distract everyone.



The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a perfect example of fraudulent public relations to hide their massive eugenics agenda. And to do it tax free. Gates and Buffet answer to bankers.



We now see DHS and TSA working together to destroy public air transportation for all of us. Hiring lesbians, queers and pedophile pervert agents to grope and molest your children at airports as well as your wife or husband under the fraudulent excuse of national security is a crime against the English language as much as it is a crime against humanity.



What is the agenda? Straight, moral people will eventually stop flying. This suits international bankers just fine. They now want the skies to themselves. The largest private jet leasing company in the world, Netjets, just ordered another 125 private jets in October this year. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are part owners. Oddly, the Russian spy, Anna Chapman used to work there also. Netjets also has ties with another sinister organization I am just learning of, Senior Executive Services. Again, go to to learn more about that group. But covertly, they have more power than all 3 branches of the US government and are maneuvered by a perverted group of lesbians. Wonder why or how so many lesbians entered high positions in government the last 30 years? Now in the supreme court, Department of Justice and all over. They also permeate the Department of Defense and oversee many security clearances. Who allowed people with no personal moral judgment abilities themselves to judge and control those of us who do have morality? It all came about with the lesser of two evil argument as a spin off of the non-existent 2 party system we have been lied to about in public schools for 80 + years.



Only the gullible public believes morality claims of politicians. Sinister corporations buy BOTH sides and ALWAYS win control of the next administration by doing so. And it goes further than that. Walter Burien at points out that once in power, politicians direct government funds to their own projects. Cumulatively, “government non-budget” assets end up owning Wall Street, but it is not the ideal government of true representatives controlling Wall Street, it is the most sinister slime that ended up there by fraud that controls Wall Street, which in turn finance the next round of criminals to run for any office. Who is the adviser to all this graft? International Bankers! California is not broke. It has over $500 billion in hidden assets, under control of who? Bankers. And extremely difficult to return to public hands.



Massive money is going into television to push some type of “space alien” agenda. Don’t believe it.



Somebody wants the US to resort to bomb dropping war with China. Don’t believe it. Christ said “blessed are the peacemakers.” NOT THE WARMONGERS.



Somebody wants the US to join Israel in war against Iran. Don’t do it. They twist scripture to make you believe that is Ezekiel 38 & 39. No, it is not. It is a trap to destroy BOTH the US and the present Israel. Christ told us to worship the Father through Him. He never told us to worship any race of people or a piece of dirt at the East end of the Mediterranean Sea. Christians are to evangelize by “reasoning together” in peaceful dialog with others, NOT by dropping bombs on anyone who presently believes differently.  The present administration of Israel pays no attention to their own scripture. They only claim blessings from God but pay no attention to the responsibilities God commanded of them in order to receive any of those blessings. But since Pharisee Jews control the US media, we never hear any truth of what is happening there. The Iranian president is intentionally misquoted. Mountains are made of mole hills. And we see the pack of liars from the Bush administration just as powerful in the Obama administration. No difference whatsoever.  Iran does not want to be an enemy of the US, but lie in our media are making them change their mind.  Another “created” enemy.



So the next time someone claims they traveled by worm hole to tell you to take violent action against someone, realize they just gave you some maggot food. Bury it or flush it down the toilet where it belongs.



Ken Rasmussen





M-ego-Maniac Whitman

Monday, October 11th, 2010

The present race for the governor’s seat in California has the Republicans and Democrats running two egomaniacs with the big money and the American Independent Party offering the only candidate with both brains and integrity. But millions spent on TV ads means most Californians don’t know the names or policies of any third party candidate.

A high tech energy technology could be developed and brought to market for about $30 million, give or take 50%.

Meg Whitman has thus far spent $140 million on an ego trip beyond description. While she has admittedly made a fortune running e-bay and her other investments, no Republicans are looking at her agendas and criminal alliances.

First and utmost, she was on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. Nobody and I mean NOBODY gets on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS without being part of the criminal cabal that Goldman runs.

Goldman orchestrated the multi-billion, if not trillion dollar rip off of the US taxpayer in the Bush/Obama hand off distraction the last few years. Both parties profited, at the expense of US Citizens and even aliens who pay taxes. But no one has gone to prison. Neither Obama nor Bush sought justice against the bankers who brought on the present mess.

I am astonished how Whitman has appealed to anyone with half a brain.

She still believes some Arabs in a cave made the entire US military stand down, circumventing the highest levels of encryption and security of the US Military, FAA, FCC, CIA, FBI, NSA and any other Washington agency that was supposed to know what was going on that day on 9/11/2001.

She believes 2 planes knocked over skyscrapers containing 48 vertical hardened steel columns each. That the metal miraculously heated itself up to beyond molten levels. Molten metal was found, still molten, weeks after 9/11, with no explanation whatsoever by the 9/11 commission.

She believes a small fire made a 48 story skyscraper, building 7, collapse perfectly on its own footprint.

In other words, she believes every lie George Bush and and Dick Cheney told us. Why? She is backed by the SAME people as Bush and Cheney. This is not hearsay. I KNOW THESE PEOPLE. They gave a million dollars of soft money to the Republican party to get Cheney into power. Now they are supporting Whitman.

What about pro-life issues? The Republicans controlled 2, almost 3 branches of the government for years and did squat.

What about the phony wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which evidence shows are not “liberating” anyone, but are supporting the opium trade instead. Our military has been quoted as saying “we don’t do body counts.” Those who do say the US is responsible for killing around 2 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. Does Meg Whitman realize we have boys from California there forced to perpetuate that mess? Does she realize every innocent civilian we kill there creates 10 relatives with a vendetta against the US that will NEVER die, no matter how much aid we send over there later? Murder is not good foreign policy.

How about Israel. I actually think Israel should be a sovereign country and safe from invaders. But the level of corruption there has exceeded sanity. Do you know since 1948 the US has given Israel, Carte Blanche, 5 times what it paid for the lunar space program? Why aren’t there more Jews on the moon now? Or maybe they spent it on their own Spy satellites.

And the irresponsible action of the present administration of Israel has exposed their own citizens to harmful depleted uranium. Who really cares for Israeli citizens? I do. But their own government does not. California is the largest contributor of income tax to the federal budget. Will Meg Whitman say anything about California Citizens supporting a foreign government with no respect for its own citizen’s health?

Will Meg Whitman investigate use of depleted uranium at all of the Federal military installations inside her state? When the wind blows, it risks everyone in the state, not just on Federal land.

A hundred and forty million dollars could have brought 4 or 5 advanced energy technologies to market. But what has has Meg’s squandering accomplished? It has made the coffers of TV stations richer. But it has not helped anyone else in the state. If Meg Whitman really wanted to help California, she would have invested in energy R&D, which would hire thousands and millions over the years. But no, she likes seeing her face in ads.

And for the few simpletons who think Jerry Brown is any different. He was and still is a political opportunist. No one seems to remember what he got away with when he was governor before.

All through the 70’s, Californians were forced to add “smog control devices” to their vehicles. Some made a little difference. Many devices were little more than a placebo, accomplishing nothing but adding bureaucratic paperwork to everyone trying to maintain a car. Who forced those devices on California? Trace many of the devices back to their patents. What a surprise. They were owned and controlled through Jerry Brown’s law office down in Los Angeles.

The Republicans and Democrats are owned and run by the same criminals. If you have either brains or a conscience, or both, you will look at 3rd party candidates. So far ONLY CHELENE NIGHTINGALE understands the corruption at CARB and also knows how to read the CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the state. It presently has over $500 billion of untouched funds. Who is managing it? Goldman Sachs and their network of bankers. Is any invested in California business? Not with Goldman and party insiders calling the shots.

Do you really want another opportunist governor like we’ve had the last 40 or 50 years?

Ken Rasmussen


Infiltration Part 2

Friday, June 25th, 2010


The reason I discuss infiltration on this “energy” blog is simply to explain why one hundred years after Nikola Tesla showed several clean energy technologies to the world, we are still enslaved to horrible dirty and dangerous oil, gas, coal or nuclear technologies for daily energy consumption.


Let’s take a look at national pride. Every country should expect their leaders to have the the best interest of their population in mind when making all decisions.

Churchil Roosevelt Stalin



Looking at this picture of a historical meeting during WWII, we see Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meeting in Tehran. One would think each represented the best interest of England, the United States and Russia at this meeting. Few knew at the time each belonged to the Freemasons. Churchill and Roosevelt belonged to the Scottish Rite Lodge, and Stalin belonged to the Grand Orient Lodge.


Why didn’t anyone in the US know this? Perhaps because the primary source for news in those days were publications owned by William Randolph Hearst, who coincidentally also happened to be a Freemason himself.


But the story doesn’t end there. The US was told Russia was our ally. Yes, Russia was the first to enter and liberate the concentration camp of Auschwitz, as witnessed by a survivor. But I have met a German who told me his own mother was raped 15 times by Russian troops. Not exactly the behavior of anyone claiming to stand beside American morals.


Witnesses and personal testimony of one of the two Western representatives of freedom was that they got so drunk at the meeting, trying to out drink Stalin the Russian, they didn’t know what they had signed the next morning. What had they done? Churchill and Roosevelt GAVE all 3 Baltic states to Stalin. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This led to 50 years of Communist oppression for all 3 countries.


But the story does not end there. Roosevelt thought Churchill was his Freemason buddy. Roosevelt was not likely aware Churchill was also a Druid and a member of another secret society set up by Cecil Rhodes, the diamond merchant in South Africa. That group was established to bring the US back under British rule by their Royal head of state. Does anyone know what job Churchill had before he was Prime Minister of England? He was admiral of the British Royal Navy. Oddly, the admiral responsible for ordering the Lusitania into dangerous waters that Germany had warned anyone not to travel in. Churchill ordered the Lusitania to operate at half power, in dangerous waters. A suicide mission, that ended up dragging the US into a war it did not want to be in. The goal? League of Nations, attempt number one at world government under British control. But it failed.


But the story doesn’t end there. Churchill and Cecil Rhodes’ elitist secret society set up a branch under an obscure name over in the United States, but with the same goal, to bring the US under British rule. That organization is named The Council on Foreign Relations. It masquerades as an intellectual think tank offering advice to all us dummies who just don’t seem to understand geopolitics. But for some strange reason you see this precious “advice” from this group has led the US into one disastrous war after another, ever since the organization was established.


Why would anyone join such an organization as the CFR? Just as important, who would join. Just look at the membership. Just Google “CFR membership”, I’m too lazy to look it up for you. Just realize all the members of that group, witting or naive, are working to bring the US back under control of the queen, or whoever is the Royal head of state at the time. And the average American neither knows nor cares about this.


Next let’s look at the most sensitive area of any country’s government, their intelligence network. Some have names we all recognize like the US has the CIA and NSA, UK has Interpol, Israel has Mossad, Russia has the KGB. Other countries don’t have as big of egos, and are less known, but all use similar spying techniques.

License plate

License plate.




I saw this license plate driving near a US military base.


Care to guess what all have in common? No, you say, they all work solely for their own countries, because if they didn’t, it would be treason and they would be hung or shot immediately. Don’t be so sure.


Do leaders work their way to the top, proving their integrity as they go? Look what the founding Director of Counterintelligence for the CIA, James Angleton had to say about how he got his job.

“You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence? I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends…they were afraid that their own business dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all, …We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We – I – so misjudged what happened.” * quote from Secret History of CIA, Joseph Trento.


Each country has some brand of the Masonic Lodge. If not specifically named Mason, you will find similar secret societies, requiring strange oaths from their members, and offering great power and wealth as a reward for joining. Some names are Knights of Malta, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucian, Crown Agents, and the list goes on. Dig into any of their history, and all go back to Babylon, the root of the most powerful and evil religions on the planet. And somehow, they all show some aspect of respect or commonality with the others. And due to the seriousness of the oath taken to join any of these groups, their allegiance to the society is far greater than any national pride. Which leads to the obvious question, do any spies serve their country or do they serve the organization they joined prior to becoming a spy? Is any “intelligence organization” wise enough to filter this out before letting anyone become a spy? Apparently not. J Edgar Hoover was a Freemason himself. The CIA, Mossad, KGB, executives of not only governments but Fortune 500 multi-national corporations are Masons. Can anyone climb to heights of wealth and power without being a Freemason? If they do, it is a miracle, and will likely face an accident as soon as a Mason sees an opportunity for their own advancement. Or if the non-Mason leader chooses to remain ignorant of the network around them, they will become useful idiots for eventual disposal.


Let me now jump from Nations and governments, to religions and their various organizations.


The Catholic church claims to be derived from Peter getting an ordination directly from Jesus Christ Himself, but history shows the Vatican is comprised more of the leftover dregs of the pagan worshiping Roman Government rather than any devout followers of Christ. Rome collapsed after their series of drunken orgies destroyed the entire empire. Rome worshiped many gods, not a sole divinity. Does the Vatican worship Jesus Christ who said “He and the Father are One.”? No. The Vatican also wants to worship Jesus’ mother, and the Pope, who wears a hat shaped just like Dagon, the fish god, one of many fake deities from the old Roman Empire. The late Malachi Martin reported massive infiltration of the Vatican by Masons, along with all the Babylonia beliefs that come with the group. The Vatican is a power organization, controlling international banking with assistance by the Zionist Rothschild family, also deeply involved in secret societies, and traditions, but never acknowledgment of God and His Righteousness.


Today’s Jewish religion, also tied to the State of Israel, places what Christians call the Old Testament as their proof of existence. Well and good. But they also place value in another book called the Talmud, a collection of opinions and writings of many Rabbis. Where did that come from? It originated in Babylon, and I have been told has had numerous additions since then. I’m not sure if they ever ended additions and called it complete, as Christians have done with their New Testament centuries ago. And do today’s Jews really follow all of the Torah and Old Testament? Unfortunately, like many religions, they pick what verses are convenient, and ignore the rest. They are quick to point out all the blessings promised to Abraham, but never discuss the contingencies God demanded that went along with the blessings. To whom much is given, much is required. I will not argue any Jew’s claim of the land of Israel being promised to them. But have the same Jews ever looked at the responsibilities demanded by God to go along with His promise, if they try to take possession of the land? Start by reading Joshua 23. God had removed the Jews from that land before. He warns that he will do it again if they continue to spit in His Eye. And it won’t take an organized war or man made weapons from any nearby super-states to do it. Looking at Israel’s history, such as in the book of Habakkuk, you see God uses even less righteous nations to discipline Israel when they turn their backs on Him.


You will never see me plotting any evil against Israel,

but you will never see me endorsing their unrighteous behavior either.


The “Israel can do no wrong” mentality comes from hyper-Zionism, not from any scripture in any trustworthy book. It might however be in the Talmud, which has demonic roots in Babylon, not anything God claimed. What also has roots in Babylon? The Masonic secret society.


Now let me look at my own denomination for some self – inspection and confession with the same scrutiny. Protestants.


While shedding the facade formalities of the Catholic Church, in favor of following closer to what Jesus Christ actually taught, other habits have crept in over the years. How? This site claims to know the number of Freemasons throughout the world.

One report I saw claimed about half the members in the US belonged to the Southern Baptist denomination. It also reported many of those were PASTORS of their congregation. What is a Freemason doing in a pulpit? Anywhere? The first oath they take is blindly to Lucifer. Jesus said never take oaths. That should stop any Christian from even joining level one of the Masonic Lodge, let alone repeating that oath through 33 degrees and moving on to Shriners or other oath based groups. But many of these pastors advanced to levels 32 and 33 of the Lodge. How could that be?


What is the title of this report?


Now before any Islamic readers applaud me for illustrating major faults in Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations, I need to inform all Muslims they have also been infiltrated. By who? By many. Your own Koran appears to have been written by someone with an immense amount of hatred against specifically Christians and Jews, not by the God who created ALL human beings and anything of value. Scholar Walter Veith points out, Islam shares many common symbols with the Catholic Church. Your founder Mohammed was married to an ex-Catholic nun. The Vatican has been playing games with you since the start. And today, an assortment of military intelligence groups, primarily CIA and Mossad, but I would not be surprised if KGB joined in, to find the most violent minds within your midst and feed them all the money in the world, to carry out any act of terrorism imaginable. So even though CIA, Mossad and/or KGB are financing it, who gets blamed though? Islam. Alqaeda never existed until CIA started and funded it during Reagan’s administration, to mess up Russian activity in Afghanistan. It now looks like maybe KGB has flipped the leaders of that resulting group of mind controlled agents of violence, and used the same group to now kill Americans in the same location. Extremists for hire to the highest bidder. How did they do this? What is the title of this article?


None of us saw it coming. Infiltrators are masters of disguise and blatant lying without notice, always appearing to rally behind YOUR cause. I have only identified one common characteristic as I have observed infiltration over the years, they all want to be leaders. For some unknown reason, most are extremely intelligent, and quite articulate speakers. They always seem like the logical choice for the job. But even eloquent liars slip up when they have too many lies to account for and counter act against to distract from previous lies. A scandal eventually erupts, but only after massive damage is already done.


Did I always know this? Absolutely not. As a young man, I actually voted to accept a pastor who was articulate, told great stories, had a PhD in theology from a “respected” Christian school and was a great guy to hang around with. No sex scandals in his back ground either.


But his mismanagement of the initially large congregation made no sense whatsoever. He eventually split the church and ran his remaining group $16 million in debt via unnecessary building programs. AFTER all this, I learned the board of directors at the college he got his degree from, were all Masons. He was TAUGHT how to infiltrate, then sabotage a good church, not how to properly pastor one. And yes, I was young and stupid enough to not understand what was going on.


Even in Politics I voted Republican for years, until I learned the same criminals own both parties, and the puppets always did what the attached string forced them to do.


A suggestion to fellow protestants is to take a stop watch to a service. All Protestant services have 3 main segments, music, announcements, and message. How much time is spent on each? The most valuable asset any person has in life is time. If your time is wasted on announcements about endless programs, or entertaining music, someone is stealing from you. A true pastor will have a message of value every week, referencing directly to the word of God for substantiation. Anyone else is wasting your time. Never let a music department take over your church. There are plenty of Christian concerts to go to all around the country, or CD’s to buy of great musicians. Praise is fine and of true value in worship, but, your worship service and location does not have to compete with Las Vegas. Your sound system should be high enough quality to understand what the pastor is saying from front pew to back, and enough light to see who is talking, but you don’t need massive sub-woofers, expensive projection systems and strobe lights to learn the Word of God.


Time has proven almost no major organization filters Masons OUT. Quite the contrary, many organizations seem to welcome them in. One flawed argument by intelligence groups is anyone who belongs to a secret society knows how to keep a secret. The fly in the ointment though, is anyone who believes lying is a viable strategy to accomplish the goals of the group, will also believe lying is a viable tactic to accomplish their own personal goals. Loyalty to who becomes a serious issue. The society he already swore an oath to? Or his new employer?


My warning is if you feel your “intelligence” organizations have your country’s best interest at heart, think again.


If you think your Freemason pastor is telling you the truth about God? Think again.


And if you think anyone can work for your company and keep your company’s best interest in mind, while serving two masters? You are sadly mistaken.


Was the Deepwater Horizon sabotaged? The possibilities for infiltration at all levels were almost endless. While BP executive liars claim it was an unforeseen accident no one could have expected, facts are showing things were directed wrong, operations were handled wrong, valves were left open that should have been closed, and unauthorized people had access to things they never should have touched. The actions of insiders at the top prove many knew what was about to happen, and did nothing to stop it when they could, some even betting the stock market that a disaster would happen. All we bystanders can do now is see who ultimately profits. Money trails are pretty good for tracking a thief, but not perfect when the goal was power instead. The money may have gone to the hit man, while the more valuable territory went to the mob boss. So we need to also watch what powers get shifted as a result of this.


Can you trust any leader? Not if they belong to any secret society. Same goes for any member of your well-intentioned group.


Reference short video clip.


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Ken Rasmussen




Infiltration Destroys

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Bad Science,

Bad Theology,

Bad Economics and

Bad Government are destroying all of us.


Each of these fields are supposed to be led by honest, competent people to give us all productive advice and direction in each of these areas applied to our lives, survival and growth.


How do credible fields of Science, theology, economics and government become contaminated and lose all credibility?




But by who? By those who have an agenda to promote BAD science, theology, economics or politics.


Why would anyone do that?




Everyone is supposed to be guided by truth. But if someone tells you a lie, and claims it is true, they just took control of you, until the lie is exposed to you.


Liars eventually lie with enough rope to hang themselves. But until the truth is exposed, they get away with murder.



The lie.

Global warming. Started by Al Gore. He claims carbon dioxide, CO2, causes warming and is thus bad. This fallacy was then promoted by strong political and economic forces to become policy in many governments around the world. Using this claim, governments began spraying skies with substances to reflect sunlight, the natural cause of heat. Also arguing that humans create CO2 merely by breathing, it blended into the eugenics movement/cult to eliminate as many humans as possible and slow down all this creation of CO2.


The truth.

Global pollution and climate have no correlation whatsoever. Climate is caused by energy coming from the sun, which interacts with planets, comets, and even other stars as the universe is continually moving. The substances being sprayed to reflect sunlight have toxic aluminum powder. That kills major food crops. Al Gore’s buddies at Monsanto are now trying to sell aluminum-resistant genetically modified seeds to farmers who are losing their crops from the aluminum content in chemtrail spraying. Al Gore also worked with Goldman Sachs to create energy credits. This conspiracy helped criminals in the oil industry to offset their pollution guilt and make a profit at the same time. But Gore’s anti-CO2 policy extends into a grossly twisted religion which argues to kill humans as young as possible. This to prevent a lifetime of CO2 production. Wonder why Al Gore and his global warming cult also promote abortion? Pollution really is a serious problem. Temperature variation and CO2 are not.


The lie.

Commonly known as law of thermodynamics. But closer study of this faulty law reveals it only applies to the energy sources known at the time of Newton, and even then, does not adequately define the true source for any of those energies either.


The truth.

Other sources of energy have and will be discovered, along with methods to access them. Many things and principles are yet to be discovered. It is quite arrogant to think mankind knows all there is to know in the universe, about energy or anything.




The lies.

Nobody knows for sure what happens when a person dies. Every religion has its own theories. Each is as good as the next.


The truth.

Jesus Christ is the only one in history to first die in front of hundreds of witnesses, then come back to life days later and be seen again by more witnesses, talking, eating and carrying on fully living again. Only He has power over life and death. No other religion can both claim and show evidence of that. Jesus taught peace. The only people he was violent with were of his own race, who tried to twist faith into financial gain or political power. He never advocated wars to promote any idealism. Those who claim otherwise today are not following what Christ actually taught.


The lie.

Most all wars in history were caused by religion.


The truth.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao killed more humans than all other tyrants combined. All marched under the claim of atheism. Every war in history had someone finance it. No soldier marches to war without a paycheck. It was true in Roman times. It is true today. In the last 400 years the financiers were always bankers, following a fiat money/debt scam created by the Rothschilds. I said following. Jews are not solely to blame for this. Prescot Bush was an American banker. He financed Adolf Hitler. Other Wall Street criminals financed the overthrow of Russian Czars to bring in Communism, attempting to eliminate Christianity of any type. While Islam has many violent verses in the Koran, that entire religion only began about 620 AD. It branched off on its own, and denied much that is accepted by Judaism and Christianity. But just like them, probably only 3% or less take time to read and follow their own scripture. So even “Islamic Wars” are seldom started by real Muslims, but instigated by financial interests who create race and religion wars for more sinister reasons. Who instigates these? A principle taught in the Art of War is if you have 2 enemies, make them hate each other and kill each other off. So ask yourself, who profits when a Jew kills an Arab? The same one who profits when an Arab kills a Jew. Then ask yourself, who would take their wealth if both died in wars? Answer that and you found who is causing all the tension in the middle east. It is NOT Jews and Arabs themselves. Nowhere in Old or New Testament are either commanded to kill the other. There are verses in the Koran calling for violence against Christians and Jews, but you need to listen to research by Walter Veith on the origin of Islam to understand a hidden motive why those passages exist. The human authors of the Koran wanted Jews and Arabs to kill each other off.  But neither Jewish or Christian Scripture teach any type of destruction or curse to the Arab race.  Anyone who claims they do, have not read them, and a lying.  Sadly, the present government of Israel seems to forget the dire warning God gave them in Joshua 33: 15-16 telling them to serve Him, or He will REMOVE THEM FROM THE LAND AGAIN.  Has Israel been infiltrated?





The lie.

Governments have to tax their population to fund operations.


The truth.

Learn what the CAFR is. Governments only report on budgets. They don’t tell you what is done with what is left over at the end of the year. They all have been placing it into interest and dividend yielding investments. Look at any comprehensive annual financial report. Look for the words “non-tax revenue.” More often than not, you will find THAT number well exceeds the amount of annual tax revenue. So if expenses were monitored with any level of integrity and honesty, any government should be paying dividends back to its citizens, not taxing them more.


The lie.

Everyone has to borrow to get started. Nobody can pay cash for a house.


The truth.

Parents are supposed to INVEST in their children. Investments need to be monitored. Just like crops need watering and fertilizing. But diligent efforts in monitoring an investment yields bountiful crops. I learned as a stock broker a powerful formula. If you buy a house via a mortgage with a banker, you end up buying one for yourself, one for the banker, and one for his mistress. You pay three times your purchase price. But in only 7 years, with an average growth mutual fund, if you rent cheap, and save the difference you would have paid for a huge mortgage, monthly, you will have cash to buy the same priced house, yes in only 7 years, NOT 30.




The lie.

America only has 2 parties. I always have to choose the lesser of 2 evils.


The truth.

Monopolies learned years ago to contribute heavily to BOTH parties. So they OWN both candidates. You will ONLY get political puppets of the richest organizations in the country if you vote either Republican or Democrat. Nothing will ever change. Third parties are the only possible way out.


The lie

But TV only tells me about the ones who are likely to win. Why wast a vote on an unknown?


The truth.

TV stations are all owned by the few who profit by keeping you ignorant. Ask yourself why campaigns are so expensive? Because TV stations charge so much. So who gets media reports? Only the candidates supported by the same millionaires who already control the TV stations.


The lie

Romans 13 tells me governments are established by God Himself, and we are not to challenge them.


The truth

That is what Hitler told German Christians. But read on. Governments are to enforce God’s principles. When they don’t enforce righteousness, they are not legitimate governments. They are nothing more than thieves who stole their positions.


The lie.

Ronald Reagan spoke a partial truth. Government was too big, and has too many regulations.


But what happened?


FCC dropped regulations and what did we get. Profanity on prime time TV, and monopolies controlling the broadcast airwaves, both formerly forbidden. Minerals Management Services stopped enforcing safety and sanity regulations on BP. The result is the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe. Government regulators stopped regulating and turned the workplace into drunken sex orgies, just like ancient Rome when it collapsed.


We don’t need bigger government. The term “Homeland Security” came from Germany. The “Patriot Act” was written BEFORE 9/11 by someone with an agenda for the same abuse of power as Hitler’s agenda. It was legislated into power by politicians with the same agenda.


We need the government we already have to enforce the laws we already have on the proper people.


I recently had to sit in a court room dealing with a small claims issue. The same court also handled traffic tickets. While waiting my turn, I saw the same California Highway Patrol offer sit and read off a long list of his training credentials, followed by a long list of all the technical qualification and calibration his speed radar went through, certified and signed by State Universities. He repeated the same 5 minutes of details for every person accused of speeding. Who was he convicting? I saw a little old lady, maybe 60+, guilty of turning from a 65 mph road onto a 55 mph road, and not knowing the limit had changed. There were no postings. But guess where the officer parked and picked off one speeder after another with his radar? For another of his victims, it was the third speeding offense and he lost his license and ability to drive to his job. For another lady, she was a school bus driver professionally, but was caught in her own personal vehicle by sophisticated radar doing 10 over the NOT-posted limit. She lost her job because of a single speeding ticket.


How is government using technology? To catch real criminals? No. They use expensive electronics to cherry pick little old ladies when she is not paying close attention to her speedometer? The same abuse of technology is happening at all US airports, harassing everyday travelers, not real terrorists.



  • Government ignored BP drilling 3 miles deeper than their permit allowed, ignoring safety procedures and killed 11 people, followed by the annihilation of all sea life in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Government ignored Enron as they manipulated energy markets.

  • Government ignored Goldman Sachs as they CONTINUE to manipulates ALL markets.

  • Government ignored Insurance companies who ignored compliance laws.

  • Government ignores as Obama appoints his mafia, and gay bath house buddies from Chicago, some with dual passports to his cabinet.

  • Governments hide massive assets only found buried inside CAFR documents, and keep raising unnecessary taxes, lying to the public as they do, frequently using those hidden assets to fund the politician’s private projects

  • But government attacks with a vengeance on any small natural vitamin company or small energy inventor who attempts to provide a better product than the garbage forced on us by the monopolies of pharmaceuticals or energy industries. We just can’t have little old ladies driving 10 mph over the limit in the California desert. She might hit an endangered Kangaroo rat. They don’t seem to care I drove over a half dozen of them driving the legal limit on a trip last week. Just a few months after heavy winter rains, the desert explodes with the little varmits.

Yes, government is too big. But the laws we already have need to stop the real criminals, not be used to harass common citizens.


Is there place for science, theology, economics and government? Yes, when run by qualified people. But not when they are run by infiltrators with destructive agendas. When a good organization goes bad, it is always due to infiltration by someone with an agenda to destroy it, by abusing its power and misapplying it.


Ken Rasmussen



FTC versus Dutchman’s HAFC

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Dutchman Wins Against Malicious Attack from Federal Trade Commission, but bureaucrat’s arrogance doesn’t go down easily.

The time has long gone when we could routinely accept statements from our US Government as having even a shred of truth to their claims.

The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, has allowed toxic fluoride to be used in your toothpaste for 40+ years.

The FTC has allowed toxic mercury metal to be used in your amalgam teeth fillings in your mouth for at least as long.

The FTC has allowed toxic mercury in multiple vaccines, evilly disguised under the name Thimerosal. This has been PROVEN in many studies to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, autism, and nervous disorders ranging from ADS, Attention Deficit Syndrome to Alzheimer’s.

The FTC allows Pepsi and Coke to add Aspartame as a sweetener in diet drinks, despite its numerous, and serious health detriments.

The FTC has a full section of their web site full of double talk and excuses why they could do nothing about the oil companies extorting over $80 billion is excess profits from working people who needed fuel, just to show up for work. At $4+ per gallon, minimum wage jobs suddenly cost more to show up at the time clock than the employee made working there. While we see oil companies STILL making a profit now with prices less than half what they charged for years.

The FTC passes responsibility on to other agencies to handle topics of security related issues, which lead to the massive Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme, while a whistle blower revealed the lawyers running the Securities Exchange Commission are too stupid to do simple profit and loss balance sheet math.

The FTC routinely allows oxymoron terms like “clean coal” or “clean nuclear energy.” In reality, neither are clean to acquire, use or dispose of waste, ever. The simple mining of either has caused ecological disasters worldwide.

Do I need to even mention all the lies broadcast by crooked politicians every election year? Yet none of them are ever forced to live up to claims by any level of federal enforcement.

The “Federal Reserve” is allowed to imply it is a Federal Agency, yet is privately owned. Does FTC care? No.

IRS is NOT a constitutional agency of the United States Government treasury. Ask any IRS employee where their paychecks come from? The Department of Agriculture, that’s where. The money it collects does not build roads, or even cover a tiny fraction of what the Defense department spends every year. IRS is a private corporation, registered in the State of Nevada. What does it do with the money it collects from your wages? Nobody knows for sure. It has NEVER BEEN AUDITED. Does FTC care about this massive fraud placed on US Citizens since 1913? No.

And now with a disintegrating federal government, the arrogant personnel at FTC feel they answer to nobody.

Has FTC EVER used heavy handed enforcement of restraining orders, limiting legal defenses of those charged against ANY of the blatant offenders I listed above? No. But they did use ever heavy handed technique within reach against a clean energy technology and its promoter on February 5, 2009.

That is when the FTC issued this arrogant and malicious press release attacking both a sales manager and company manufacturing a fuel enhancement system that had been showing tremendous results improving mileage performance. Did the FTC wish to see any scientific MEASUREMENTS to verify claims? No. They stormed into court with a list of THEORIES. Their substantiation? A Ph.D. schooled in cryogenics, and a long list of deceptive lies that had been posted on the Internet by a pathological liar with an agenda.

It should also be pointed out the FTC used a legal term I was not familiar with, “exparte” which is legalese to justify Nazi Gestapo policy of not allowing the defense to have any defense whatsoever, just enforcement with no justification. Without notice, they clamped a temporary restraining order on both Dutchman Enterprises and Dennis Lee’s corporate and personal checking and credit card accounts. This made cash to obtain a defense attorney impossible. This forced an immediate layoff of all employees, and the inability to pay any utilities from phone to heat. Mr. Lee tried to get the court to at least release enough of his own money to obtain an attorney, but at the demand of FTC, the court denied the request. Dennis Lee was thus forced into a deposition in front of an FTC attorney WITHOUT HIS OWN LEGAL COUNCIL. The following Monday, Mr. Lee was forced into court, in front of a Federal District Court Judge, STILL WITH NO LEGAL COUNCIL ALLOWED. The first indication of FTC screwing up royally with their own pompous arrogance came when Judge Michael Shipp was astonished such a thing had been done to ANY defendant, and stopped the hearing right at the start, and freed up sufficient money to obtain a defense attorney. It should be noted this was Dutchman and Dennis Lee’s own money, none from government funds, even though FTC had the full budget backing of the Federal Government to finance their grossly unjustified attack.

The record stands, Attorney Josh Millard, working for FTC attempted to drag a defendant into a full trial and force the defendant to have no legal council whatsoever.

Before I comment on the decision by judge Michael Shipp, let me do my own dissection of the ridiculous claims listed on the actual FTC document, posted on their site at

The actual 2007 Honda Civic listed at top of page 5, was parked in the court parking lot during the entire period of the trial. It was offered as evidence. Anyone could have simply taken a ride and experienced its performance. Additionally, several other vehicles, and testimonies of owners used in all advertising listed were also offered as witnesses for the defense. Was any of this allowed? No. The FTC ordered the judge to disallow any scientific measurement, or any testimony of performance and satisfaction, from court hearing.

If you have the patience to read through all the legalese of the FTC attack, you see them repeatedly complaining about the performance claims for the HAFC not being substantiated, while at the same time THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENT AS EVIDENCE. What MORON wrote this double talk? I happen to know which moron, the same one who has been running grossly unsubstantiated lies about Dennis Lee for years. And FTC chose to believe this guy? Apparently. Their attack looked like a copy and paste job from that slanderous propaganda web site.

The FTC document goes on to list numerous Dutchman ads, many containing testimonies from satisfied users. Did FTC subpoena ANY of those individuals to come verify their claims? No.

In a court trial, for the purpose of disproving the claims of a mileage improvement device the FTC attack, lead by attorney Joshua Millard presented nothing but the expert testimony of a Ph.D., schooled in cryogenics. This expert’s claim? Gasoline always burns 100%. All internal combustion engines run at 95% efficiency?

They might have gotten further if they had hired Professor Irwin Corey.

Given only 3 days and $5,000, again of his own money, Dennis Lee was required to find a Ph.D. expert witness to go up against the one chosen by FTC at who knows what cost to the US taxpayer. Dennis and Dutchman found such a man, and actually had testimony ready in time for the trial. Schooled with not one, but two doctorates, Dr. Lee (no relation) had to be flown in from South Korea, but arrived in time. His specialty? Internal combustion engines.

A few key points made by Dr. Lee were that gasoline inside a combustion chamber has only a short time to burn. Hydrogen acts as an accelerate to expedite more of the gasoline vapor. No liquid burns. It must be converted to vapor first. A strong magnetic field lowers the boiling point of liquids.

I must refer readers to the official statement by Dennis Lee and Dutchman Enterprises for more specific details of the abuse they received from FTC.

The short and disgusting summary I must finish with is Judge Michael Shipp ruled in favor of Dutchman and Dennis Lee with a 13 page itemized list of all the facts refuting all of FTC’s claims as totally bogus and unsubstantiated. But the FTC could not stand to be disgraced. Joshua Millard, lawyer for FTC DID NOT ALLOW A COURT STENOGRAPHER TO BE PRESENT DURING THE TRIAL. NO TRANSCRIPT EXISTS. THEN SOMEBODY DESTROYED THE COURT’S ONLY AUDIO RECORDING OF ALL PROCEEDINGS. Any bets who?

Ken Rasmussen

Termites in the Infrastructure

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Popular antiwar advocate Cindy Sheehan threw in the towel last week and chose to step out of the media spotlight. Why? After losing her oldest son to a war she felt was created by the Republicans, she discovered the Democrats were just as bloodthirsty and heartless. Those of us in the clean energy movement need to mature enough to know we haven’t had any good presidents or congresses in my lifetime, and I’m 56.

Let me dispel a few urban legends about some not so good guys.

Lyndon Johnson hung around with black civil right leaders and allegedly was responsible for moving the US out of the racist south days of the 50’s into the civil rights programs we see today. Yet E. Howard Hunt gave a deathbed confession that he observed Lyndon Johnson conspire with J. Edgar Hoover to use the CIA and the Mafia to kill JFK. If you can get your hands on a rare book that was only sold in France, the shady business associate of Lyndon Johnson, Billy Sol Estes stated the same thing, agreeing with several other contemporary historians. Mr. Estes also reported on several murders in Texas ordered by Lyndon himself as well as ripping off the government itself via corrupt frauds. Lyndon’s wife, Ladybird held huge stock in the company making helicopters that were dropping like flies in Vietnam, and of course, being replaced with new ones as soon as they dropped.

Nixon came in to clean up the Vietnam war, but milked it for several years just for his own gain, only to be taught the hard way that the shadow government controls Washington, not him.

Jimmy Carter is praised for raising efficiency standards of gasoline engines and being the first to promote various alternative energies. He is also portrayed as the victim of the “October Surprise” which blames Reagan and Bush for secretly delaying the Iran hostage situation just long enough to get elected. Legend goes on to blame Reagan and the Bushes as the first to start using “preemptive strikes.” An act which shifted US policy from one of being a defender to that of an aggressor. But for the record, the F117a was ordered by Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s. It was later revealed to the public in 1988 under Reagan. Here are some historical facts about the F117a that nobody noticed.

Take a look down the nose of the plane. Can anyone NOT see a correlation to the symbol of the New World Order – Illuminati? Why would Jimmy Carter order this plane? His affiliation with the Trilateral Commission maybe?

F117a - Illuminati Pyramid

Then take a top down perspective.

F117a top Masonic Symbol

See any relationship to the Masonic symbol? The tail point is exactly 90 degrees. I met a friend of the families to the 2 top hot shots at the Skunkworks. He told me both Kelly Johnson and Ben Rich were Masons. What a coincidence.

Inside the Skunkworks where the plane was made, industrious workers were always ready to make an extra buck as soon as it was legal. The same week the plane was acknowledged to exist and shown to the public, one of the line workers behind the “black curtain” was out at the Lockheed Skunkworks Credit Union parking lot selling T-shirts with a picture of the plane on the back and the insignia worn by the pilots on the front. I know, because I bought one myself. But a funny thing happened a week later. The same guy was still selling F117a T-shirts, but they didn’t look exactly the same. Take a close look at the insignia that was on the front of the first edition of the T-shirt.

1st edition t-shirt

Then look what happened to the insignia on his next “production run” that also ended up on his satin jackets. The illustration is off the satin jackets he sold, identical to 2nd edition T-shirts.

2nd edition logo

You will note the expression “First Strike” is missing. The FBI confronted him and DEMANDED he remove the phrase because as far as the public knew, the US would NEVER start a war. However, the first edition was copied from what was actually the truth behind the black curtain, again, ordered initially during the Carter administration.

Reagan sabotaged unions and triggered a continuous decline in middle class wages as a result that continues even to this day. He also complied with any scheme the Federal Reserve crooks asked of him, causing the term stagflation, worst of both worlds, rising prices but fewer jobs to pay for them. “Trickle Down Economics” was nothing more than corporate welfare for the rich. Oil accelerated the Middle East excuses to continue creeping fuel prices upward, even though there has NEVER been a real shortage of oil in the US.

Then along comes Clinton, most noted for his sex scandals, but overlooked for what he was doing in the background to America’s economy and secretly working with his former silent business partners, the Bushes, from an adjacent state. The neocon press was rightfully condemning scandals like the missile guidance secrets and other high technologies going to China, but nobody caught what he was doing for oil. Every new, clean energy inventor gets this comment shoved in his face. “You can’t do anything that will harm the US oil infrastructure, or the government will shut you down.” A recent inventor by the name of Paul Zigouras had 2 men in suits from some government agency come to his work place and told him that directly this year. Scared witless, he complied.

But I just learned something this week. That alleged Federal requirement is NOT urban legend. But it is NOT congressional legislation either. What is it? It’s an executive order. Issued by who? None other than the Bush’s silent business partner from the Mena Arkansas drug dealing days, Bill Clinton himself. Yes it is fact. Look up executive order number 13010, signed July 17, 1996.

Here’s a link to the Federal Register web site to read it for yourself. Note the Federal/Corporate alliance it establishes. That is the root of a Nazi government, corporate fascism.

I should note that it has been amended many times since to the point that it is now unclear whether it is still operational at all or if it has grown to be an enormous secret bureaucracy funded by the government, but dictated by the president. It’s first amendment, number 13025 increased its staff and made the president responsible for selecting everyone.So as the whirlwind of GW Bush blows through and threatens to both break us with high oil prices and destroy all the civil liberties America has had for 231 years, just remember the structure was weakened in the first place by a few characters some people thought were good guys. And the Federal mandate of our Federally enforced addiction to oil was a prescription written by that sneakiest pusher of all, Bill Clinton. Just trying to help out few friends.

So do any genuine “greens” out there really want another Clinton in the White House?

Ken Rasmussen


US $ on Oil Standard Since 1973

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

John Perkins John Perkins, author ofConfessions of an Economic Hit Mansheds enormous light on the the blood money behind oil and world power.  A little proof of how threatening he is to current powers in Washington is the fact that the Bush Administration set up an attack on him orchestrated through the State Department.  Take a look at this page to see what I mean.
Despite blatant lies posted on the Government site, John Perkins’ credentials do check out and his stories don’t require any delusional imagination to see how historical events occurred, unlike fantasies regurgitated by the major media from the current politicians in power.

I have often heard the expression bounced around that our money is no longer on the gold standard, but on an oil standard. Mr. Perkins proves that is genuine, documentable US policy, not rumor.  In video clip #1 of  3 from a speech given at the Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August 2006, Mr. Perkins reveals what happened in 1973 that shifted enormous power from bankers into the hands of oil. It also explains our suspicious loyalty to Saudi Arabia since then.  In clips 2 and 3 you learn the intricate, complex and bloody plot that then handed over world power to the few that control oil.  The present actions by the Bush mafia are an attempt to grasp world power, not just oil for the US.  The US doesn’t need oil, it has plenty of its own.  But several world powers like Japan and China do need oil, or at least these criminals thought they did.  If clean and green energy suddenly became both available and economical, that would start a NEW monopoly game with DIFFERENT money.  That would make everyone equal again, still subservient to bankers, but the game always starts with everyone having the same amount of cash.  Previous game cash is now worthless.  Even those with large real estate holdings, suddenly can’t afford the upkeep and slide in with all the rest.  Who takes the big house?  The banker of course.  But with free abundant energy, a lot more people can do a lot more than when they were dumping a third of their paychecks into their gas tanks.

I have felt all along that the international banking system was involved in energy suppression in some aspect.  This lecture pretty much proves that allegation and explains how it happened.  Events that took place over 45 years, some only reported in the back of the newspapers as they happened, that had long term implications on all our lives.  Bankers’ fiat money has enabled them to control the world for about 400 years, but there is a flaw in their sinister plot.  When a monopoly game reaches the end, one player consumes all the money on the board.  They become the largest depositor at the bank.  That forces the banker to either implement completely different money or become a partner with the large depositor.  The latter is what caused the Rockefeller name, unknown 200 years ago to suddenly equate with the Rothschild name in world finance.

Please watch all 3 clips.  I’m sure your eyes will be opened as mine were.

Has anything changed since John Perkins was active in international banking?  Apparently not.  If you read today’s news story of a CIA whistle blower having to claim asylum in New Zealand due to death threats from the CIA, you’ll see it’s still business as usual for them.  And in case you forgot what CIA’s affiliation with oil is, George H. W. Bush has been tying knots between the two for 40+ years.  Reference this video.  But John Perkins explains ties also.

5/17/2007 KLR


Get to know your free CIA spook services

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Spy versus Spy It was revealed some time ago that the CIA provided startup funding for Google. Just like the spiritual type, government spooks don’t dissappear easily without a major exorcism, not easily accomplished. So in the mean time we see Google is offering interesting spillover information to anyone.

Google is beta testing a Lab program called Trends. With it you can see volume and location stats on certain search words. I’m not sure of the value of this, but it is interesting and I’m sure reveals something in the background.

Here are some samples of words and phrases and what cities searched them most often

  • employment: maybe not good places to find an easy job
  • money: 6 of top ten are in UK
  • antichrist: all but 2 are Bible Belt localles
  • ufo: 5 of top ten are in Poland. Remember the Vatican is in Rome.
  • NSA: Paranoid people want to know who’s talking about them
  • mafia: ditto
  • bribery: ditto, ditto
  • CIA: My energy site also started getting a lot of traffic from Brazil the same time GWB paid a visit. Coincidence?
  • clean energy:
  • solar energy: 5 of top 10 are in Australia
  • green energy: TX oil is afraid of something
  • wind energy: Chicago not even on list?
  • Tesla: a rare prophet honored in his home town, but not among thieves in the US, I’m ashamed
  • Tesla car: 4 CA cities top list
  • coal: Charleston WV must be worried about something
  • nuclear: Albuquerque is a lot more interested than Iran
  • Britney Spears: Mexico City?
  • Paris Hilton: so Irvine California is the teeny bopper capitol of US

KLR 5/14/2007