Infiltration Part 2


The reason I discuss infiltration on this “energy” blog is simply to explain why one hundred years after Nikola Tesla showed several clean energy technologies to the world, we are still enslaved to horrible dirty and dangerous oil, gas, coal or nuclear technologies for daily energy consumption.


Let’s take a look at national pride. Every country should expect their leaders to have the the best interest of their population in mind when making all decisions.

Churchil Roosevelt Stalin



Looking at this picture of a historical meeting during WWII, we see Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meeting in Tehran. One would think each represented the best interest of England, the United States and Russia at this meeting. Few knew at the time each belonged to the Freemasons. Churchill and Roosevelt belonged to the Scottish Rite Lodge, and Stalin belonged to the Grand Orient Lodge.


Why didn’t anyone in the US know this? Perhaps because the primary source for news in those days were publications owned by William Randolph Hearst, who coincidentally also happened to be a Freemason himself.


But the story doesn’t end there. The US was told Russia was our ally. Yes, Russia was the first to enter and liberate the concentration camp of Auschwitz, as witnessed by a survivor. But I have met a German who told me his own mother was raped 15 times by Russian troops. Not exactly the behavior of anyone claiming to stand beside American morals.


Witnesses and personal testimony of one of the two Western representatives of freedom was that they got so drunk at the meeting, trying to out drink Stalin the Russian, they didn’t know what they had signed the next morning. What had they done? Churchill and Roosevelt GAVE all 3 Baltic states to Stalin. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This led to 50 years of Communist oppression for all 3 countries.


But the story does not end there. Roosevelt thought Churchill was his Freemason buddy. Roosevelt was not likely aware Churchill was also a Druid and a member of another secret society set up by Cecil Rhodes, the diamond merchant in South Africa. That group was established to bring the US back under British rule by their Royal head of state. Does anyone know what job Churchill had before he was Prime Minister of England? He was admiral of the British Royal Navy. Oddly, the admiral responsible for ordering the Lusitania into dangerous waters that Germany had warned anyone not to travel in. Churchill ordered the Lusitania to operate at half power, in dangerous waters. A suicide mission, that ended up dragging the US into a war it did not want to be in. The goal? League of Nations, attempt number one at world government under British control. But it failed.


But the story doesn’t end there. Churchill and Cecil Rhodes’ elitist secret society set up a branch under an obscure name over in the United States, but with the same goal, to bring the US under British rule. That organization is named The Council on Foreign Relations. It masquerades as an intellectual think tank offering advice to all us dummies who just don’t seem to understand geopolitics. But for some strange reason you see this precious “advice” from this group has led the US into one disastrous war after another, ever since the organization was established.


Why would anyone join such an organization as the CFR? Just as important, who would join. Just look at the membership. Just Google “CFR membership”, I’m too lazy to look it up for you. Just realize all the members of that group, witting or naive, are working to bring the US back under control of the queen, or whoever is the Royal head of state at the time. And the average American neither knows nor cares about this.


Next let’s look at the most sensitive area of any country’s government, their intelligence network. Some have names we all recognize like the US has the CIA and NSA, UK has Interpol, Israel has Mossad, Russia has the KGB. Other countries don’t have as big of egos, and are less known, but all use similar spying techniques.

License plate

License plate.




I saw this license plate driving near a US military base.


Care to guess what all have in common? No, you say, they all work solely for their own countries, because if they didn’t, it would be treason and they would be hung or shot immediately. Don’t be so sure.


Do leaders work their way to the top, proving their integrity as they go? Look what the founding Director of Counterintelligence for the CIA, James Angleton had to say about how he got his job.

“You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence? I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends…they were afraid that their own business dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all, …We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We – I – so misjudged what happened.” * quote from Secret History of CIA, Joseph Trento.


Each country has some brand of the Masonic Lodge. If not specifically named Mason, you will find similar secret societies, requiring strange oaths from their members, and offering great power and wealth as a reward for joining. Some names are Knights of Malta, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucian, Crown Agents, and the list goes on. Dig into any of their history, and all go back to Babylon, the root of the most powerful and evil religions on the planet. And somehow, they all show some aspect of respect or commonality with the others. And due to the seriousness of the oath taken to join any of these groups, their allegiance to the society is far greater than any national pride. Which leads to the obvious question, do any spies serve their country or do they serve the organization they joined prior to becoming a spy? Is any “intelligence organization” wise enough to filter this out before letting anyone become a spy? Apparently not. J Edgar Hoover was a Freemason himself. The CIA, Mossad, KGB, executives of not only governments but Fortune 500 multi-national corporations are Masons. Can anyone climb to heights of wealth and power without being a Freemason? If they do, it is a miracle, and will likely face an accident as soon as a Mason sees an opportunity for their own advancement. Or if the non-Mason leader chooses to remain ignorant of the network around them, they will become useful idiots for eventual disposal.


Let me now jump from Nations and governments, to religions and their various organizations.


The Catholic church claims to be derived from Peter getting an ordination directly from Jesus Christ Himself, but history shows the Vatican is comprised more of the leftover dregs of the pagan worshiping Roman Government rather than any devout followers of Christ. Rome collapsed after their series of drunken orgies destroyed the entire empire. Rome worshiped many gods, not a sole divinity. Does the Vatican worship Jesus Christ who said “He and the Father are One.”? No. The Vatican also wants to worship Jesus’ mother, and the Pope, who wears a hat shaped just like Dagon, the fish god, one of many fake deities from the old Roman Empire. The late Malachi Martin reported massive infiltration of the Vatican by Masons, along with all the Babylonia beliefs that come with the group. The Vatican is a power organization, controlling international banking with assistance by the Zionist Rothschild family, also deeply involved in secret societies, and traditions, but never acknowledgment of God and His Righteousness.


Today’s Jewish religion, also tied to the State of Israel, places what Christians call the Old Testament as their proof of existence. Well and good. But they also place value in another book called the Talmud, a collection of opinions and writings of many Rabbis. Where did that come from? It originated in Babylon, and I have been told has had numerous additions since then. I’m not sure if they ever ended additions and called it complete, as Christians have done with their New Testament centuries ago. And do today’s Jews really follow all of the Torah and Old Testament? Unfortunately, like many religions, they pick what verses are convenient, and ignore the rest. They are quick to point out all the blessings promised to Abraham, but never discuss the contingencies God demanded that went along with the blessings. To whom much is given, much is required. I will not argue any Jew’s claim of the land of Israel being promised to them. But have the same Jews ever looked at the responsibilities demanded by God to go along with His promise, if they try to take possession of the land? Start by reading Joshua 23. God had removed the Jews from that land before. He warns that he will do it again if they continue to spit in His Eye. And it won’t take an organized war or man made weapons from any nearby super-states to do it. Looking at Israel’s history, such as in the book of Habakkuk, you see God uses even less righteous nations to discipline Israel when they turn their backs on Him.


You will never see me plotting any evil against Israel,

but you will never see me endorsing their unrighteous behavior either.


The “Israel can do no wrong” mentality comes from hyper-Zionism, not from any scripture in any trustworthy book. It might however be in the Talmud, which has demonic roots in Babylon, not anything God claimed. What also has roots in Babylon? The Masonic secret society.


Now let me look at my own denomination for some self – inspection and confession with the same scrutiny. Protestants.


While shedding the facade formalities of the Catholic Church, in favor of following closer to what Jesus Christ actually taught, other habits have crept in over the years. How? This site claims to know the number of Freemasons throughout the world.

One report I saw claimed about half the members in the US belonged to the Southern Baptist denomination. It also reported many of those were PASTORS of their congregation. What is a Freemason doing in a pulpit? Anywhere? The first oath they take is blindly to Lucifer. Jesus said never take oaths. That should stop any Christian from even joining level one of the Masonic Lodge, let alone repeating that oath through 33 degrees and moving on to Shriners or other oath based groups. But many of these pastors advanced to levels 32 and 33 of the Lodge. How could that be?


What is the title of this report?


Now before any Islamic readers applaud me for illustrating major faults in Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations, I need to inform all Muslims they have also been infiltrated. By who? By many. Your own Koran appears to have been written by someone with an immense amount of hatred against specifically Christians and Jews, not by the God who created ALL human beings and anything of value. Scholar Walter Veith points out, Islam shares many common symbols with the Catholic Church. Your founder Mohammed was married to an ex-Catholic nun. The Vatican has been playing games with you since the start. And today, an assortment of military intelligence groups, primarily CIA and Mossad, but I would not be surprised if KGB joined in, to find the most violent minds within your midst and feed them all the money in the world, to carry out any act of terrorism imaginable. So even though CIA, Mossad and/or KGB are financing it, who gets blamed though? Islam. Alqaeda never existed until CIA started and funded it during Reagan’s administration, to mess up Russian activity in Afghanistan. It now looks like maybe KGB has flipped the leaders of that resulting group of mind controlled agents of violence, and used the same group to now kill Americans in the same location. Extremists for hire to the highest bidder. How did they do this? What is the title of this article?


None of us saw it coming. Infiltrators are masters of disguise and blatant lying without notice, always appearing to rally behind YOUR cause. I have only identified one common characteristic as I have observed infiltration over the years, they all want to be leaders. For some unknown reason, most are extremely intelligent, and quite articulate speakers. They always seem like the logical choice for the job. But even eloquent liars slip up when they have too many lies to account for and counter act against to distract from previous lies. A scandal eventually erupts, but only after massive damage is already done.


Did I always know this? Absolutely not. As a young man, I actually voted to accept a pastor who was articulate, told great stories, had a PhD in theology from a “respected” Christian school and was a great guy to hang around with. No sex scandals in his back ground either.


But his mismanagement of the initially large congregation made no sense whatsoever. He eventually split the church and ran his remaining group $16 million in debt via unnecessary building programs. AFTER all this, I learned the board of directors at the college he got his degree from, were all Masons. He was TAUGHT how to infiltrate, then sabotage a good church, not how to properly pastor one. And yes, I was young and stupid enough to not understand what was going on.


Even in Politics I voted Republican for years, until I learned the same criminals own both parties, and the puppets always did what the attached string forced them to do.


A suggestion to fellow protestants is to take a stop watch to a service. All Protestant services have 3 main segments, music, announcements, and message. How much time is spent on each? The most valuable asset any person has in life is time. If your time is wasted on announcements about endless programs, or entertaining music, someone is stealing from you. A true pastor will have a message of value every week, referencing directly to the word of God for substantiation. Anyone else is wasting your time. Never let a music department take over your church. There are plenty of Christian concerts to go to all around the country, or CD’s to buy of great musicians. Praise is fine and of true value in worship, but, your worship service and location does not have to compete with Las Vegas. Your sound system should be high enough quality to understand what the pastor is saying from front pew to back, and enough light to see who is talking, but you don’t need massive sub-woofers, expensive projection systems and strobe lights to learn the Word of God.


Time has proven almost no major organization filters Masons OUT. Quite the contrary, many organizations seem to welcome them in. One flawed argument by intelligence groups is anyone who belongs to a secret society knows how to keep a secret. The fly in the ointment though, is anyone who believes lying is a viable strategy to accomplish the goals of the group, will also believe lying is a viable tactic to accomplish their own personal goals. Loyalty to who becomes a serious issue. The society he already swore an oath to? Or his new employer?


My warning is if you feel your “intelligence” organizations have your country’s best interest at heart, think again.


If you think your Freemason pastor is telling you the truth about God? Think again.


And if you think anyone can work for your company and keep your company’s best interest in mind, while serving two masters? You are sadly mistaken.


Was the Deepwater Horizon sabotaged? The possibilities for infiltration at all levels were almost endless. While BP executive liars claim it was an unforeseen accident no one could have expected, facts are showing things were directed wrong, operations were handled wrong, valves were left open that should have been closed, and unauthorized people had access to things they never should have touched. The actions of insiders at the top prove many knew what was about to happen, and did nothing to stop it when they could, some even betting the stock market that a disaster would happen. All we bystanders can do now is see who ultimately profits. Money trails are pretty good for tracking a thief, but not perfect when the goal was power instead. The money may have gone to the hit man, while the more valuable territory went to the mob boss. So we need to also watch what powers get shifted as a result of this.


Can you trust any leader? Not if they belong to any secret society. Same goes for any member of your well-intentioned group.


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