US $ on Oil Standard Since 1973

John Perkins John Perkins, author ofConfessions of an Economic Hit Mansheds enormous light on the the blood money behind oil and world power.  A little proof of how threatening he is to current powers in Washington is the fact that the Bush Administration set up an attack on him orchestrated through the State Department.  Take a look at this page to see what I mean.
Despite blatant lies posted on the Government site, John Perkins’ credentials do check out and his stories don’t require any delusional imagination to see how historical events occurred, unlike fantasies regurgitated by the major media from the current politicians in power.

I have often heard the expression bounced around that our money is no longer on the gold standard, but on an oil standard. Mr. Perkins proves that is genuine, documentable US policy, not rumor.  In video clip #1 of  3 from a speech given at the Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August 2006, Mr. Perkins reveals what happened in 1973 that shifted enormous power from bankers into the hands of oil. It also explains our suspicious loyalty to Saudi Arabia since then.  In clips 2 and 3 you learn the intricate, complex and bloody plot that then handed over world power to the few that control oil.  The present actions by the Bush mafia are an attempt to grasp world power, not just oil for the US.  The US doesn’t need oil, it has plenty of its own.  But several world powers like Japan and China do need oil, or at least these criminals thought they did.  If clean and green energy suddenly became both available and economical, that would start a NEW monopoly game with DIFFERENT money.  That would make everyone equal again, still subservient to bankers, but the game always starts with everyone having the same amount of cash.  Previous game cash is now worthless.  Even those with large real estate holdings, suddenly can’t afford the upkeep and slide in with all the rest.  Who takes the big house?  The banker of course.  But with free abundant energy, a lot more people can do a lot more than when they were dumping a third of their paychecks into their gas tanks.

I have felt all along that the international banking system was involved in energy suppression in some aspect.  This lecture pretty much proves that allegation and explains how it happened.  Events that took place over 45 years, some only reported in the back of the newspapers as they happened, that had long term implications on all our lives.  Bankers’ fiat money has enabled them to control the world for about 400 years, but there is a flaw in their sinister plot.  When a monopoly game reaches the end, one player consumes all the money on the board.  They become the largest depositor at the bank.  That forces the banker to either implement completely different money or become a partner with the large depositor.  The latter is what caused the Rockefeller name, unknown 200 years ago to suddenly equate with the Rothschild name in world finance.

Please watch all 3 clips.  I’m sure your eyes will be opened as mine were.

Has anything changed since John Perkins was active in international banking?  Apparently not.  If you read today’s news story of a CIA whistle blower having to claim asylum in New Zealand due to death threats from the CIA, you’ll see it’s still business as usual for them.  And in case you forgot what CIA’s affiliation with oil is, George H. W. Bush has been tying knots between the two for 40+ years.  Reference this video.  But John Perkins explains ties also.

5/17/2007 KLR


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