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Alternative energies are great, but what can I buy and use today? That is about the only criticism I get about my CommuteFaster Energy news page. Most brilliant technologies are either dodging the “men in black” to sneak their ideas into manufacture or if they actually accomplished getting a patent, they are still trying to find a bank willing to help them get a factory running.

In the mean time… Electric is now and 100% forward compatible to any of the clean energy technologies I have reported on the last 3 years.

Environmental Motors Grand Opening

May 22, 2007 was the Grand Opening of Environmental Motors in Glendale California, just northeast of Los Angeles. Environmental Motors is aiming to be THE one stop for any clean energy transportation present or future. According to director Taryn Socolow they are open to representing all of them. The makes and models currently offered are listed at their web site I would point out they are already dealers for ZAP which announced the startling X-Crossover this February, a 644 HP, 155 MPH, 300+ mile range all wheel drive, 7 seat family SUV that recharges in 10 minutes. ZAP X Crossover Taryn expects ZAP to start delivering the X-Crossover within a year, but ZAP has not informed dealers of a specific date yet. She says they are also pursuing Tesla Car representation, which has sold 300 of their all electric, $100,000 sports cars since their announcement last year.

Honda FCX - Hydrogne Fuel Cell Additionally, Environmental Motors is also a Honda Dealer. With Honda’s announcement this last week of the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell FCX to go into full production in 2008, they are ideally situated to handle the latest and greatest of both technologies.

Proving both his sense of humor and true support of clean transportation, Chris Paine, Director of “Who Killed the Electric Car” was also at the Grand Opening.

Taryn & Kent Sokolow w/ Chris Paine Here are a few snaps I took at the event. Feel free to contact anyone at the firm for more details on any of the products they offer.

Ken Rasmussen 5/25/2007

Kent Sokolow, Bill Williams Kent Sokolow, owner of Environmental Motors and Bill Williams, VP North American sales of ZENN – Zero Emmission No Noise Electric cars fielded questions from the audience. Bill gave a 15 minute presentation bringing everyone up to speed on the current state of the electric car.

Electric presentation Flaunting a first class line up of clean efficient electric force…

… some oil tycoon must have complained to the local police about parking violations. So out came the black and whites. Conspiracy????? Traffic patrol

Kent and Taryn Sokolow were interviewed by ABCTV for a segment on Eye on LA. Eye on LA interview

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles for both low speed Urban/Industrial/Campus application or freeway speed applications are stocked.




Smar FourTwo sticker

Smart Car convertible

Smart Car

The Honda Civic Hybrid was on display. EPA = 49 city, 51 hwy.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

Along with the Honda Accord V6 Hybrid. EPA = 28 city, 35 hwy, but just drive one, you’ll love the power it has when the extra 40 HP electric motor kicks in, as well as the luxurious interior and wonderful dual wishbone suspension handling.

Honda Accord V^ Hybrid interior

Bill Williams and Kent Sokolow kept an attentive audience fielding questions for half an hour.

Environmental Motors showroom EVM EVM

So let the sparks fly…

EVM ribbon cutting

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