FTC versus Dutchman’s HAFC

Dutchman Wins Against Malicious Attack from Federal Trade Commission, but bureaucrat’s arrogance doesn’t go down easily.

The time has long gone when we could routinely accept statements from our US Government as having even a shred of truth to their claims.

The FTC, Federal Trade Commission, has allowed toxic fluoride to be used in your toothpaste for 40+ years.

The FTC has allowed toxic mercury metal to be used in your amalgam teeth fillings in your mouth for at least as long.

The FTC has allowed toxic mercury in multiple vaccines, evilly disguised under the name Thimerosal. This has been PROVEN in many studies to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, autism, and nervous disorders ranging from ADS, Attention Deficit Syndrome to Alzheimer’s.

The FTC allows Pepsi and Coke to add Aspartame as a sweetener in diet drinks, despite its numerous, and serious health detriments.

The FTC has a full section of their web site full of double talk and excuses why they could do nothing about the oil companies extorting over $80 billion is excess profits from working people who needed fuel, just to show up for work. At $4+ per gallon, minimum wage jobs suddenly cost more to show up at the time clock than the employee made working there. While we see oil companies STILL making a profit now with prices less than half what they charged for years.

The FTC passes responsibility on to other agencies to handle topics of security related issues, which lead to the massive Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme, while a whistle blower revealed the lawyers running the Securities Exchange Commission are too stupid to do simple profit and loss balance sheet math.

The FTC routinely allows oxymoron terms like “clean coal” or “clean nuclear energy.” In reality, neither are clean to acquire, use or dispose of waste, ever. The simple mining of either has caused ecological disasters worldwide.

Do I need to even mention all the lies broadcast by crooked politicians every election year? Yet none of them are ever forced to live up to claims by any level of federal enforcement.

The “Federal Reserve” is allowed to imply it is a Federal Agency, yet is privately owned. Does FTC care? No.

IRS is NOT a constitutional agency of the United States Government treasury. Ask any IRS employee where their paychecks come from? The Department of Agriculture, that’s where. The money it collects does not build roads, or even cover a tiny fraction of what the Defense department spends every year. IRS is a private corporation, registered in the State of Nevada. What does it do with the money it collects from your wages? Nobody knows for sure. It has NEVER BEEN AUDITED. Does FTC care about this massive fraud placed on US Citizens since 1913? No.

And now with a disintegrating federal government, the arrogant personnel at FTC feel they answer to nobody.

Has FTC EVER used heavy handed enforcement of restraining orders, limiting legal defenses of those charged against ANY of the blatant offenders I listed above? No. But they did use ever heavy handed technique within reach against a clean energy technology and its promoter on February 5, 2009.

That is when the FTC issued this arrogant and malicious press release attacking both a sales manager and company manufacturing a fuel enhancement system that had been showing tremendous results improving mileage performance. Did the FTC wish to see any scientific MEASUREMENTS to verify claims? No. They stormed into court with a list of THEORIES. Their substantiation? A Ph.D. schooled in cryogenics, and a long list of deceptive lies that had been posted on the Internet by a pathological liar with an agenda.

It should also be pointed out the FTC used a legal term I was not familiar with, “exparte” which is legalese to justify Nazi Gestapo policy of not allowing the defense to have any defense whatsoever, just enforcement with no justification. Without notice, they clamped a temporary restraining order on both Dutchman Enterprises and Dennis Lee’s corporate and personal checking and credit card accounts. This made cash to obtain a defense attorney impossible. This forced an immediate layoff of all employees, and the inability to pay any utilities from phone to heat. Mr. Lee tried to get the court to at least release enough of his own money to obtain an attorney, but at the demand of FTC, the court denied the request. Dennis Lee was thus forced into a deposition in front of an FTC attorney WITHOUT HIS OWN LEGAL COUNCIL. The following Monday, Mr. Lee was forced into court, in front of a Federal District Court Judge, STILL WITH NO LEGAL COUNCIL ALLOWED. The first indication of FTC screwing up royally with their own pompous arrogance came when Judge Michael Shipp was astonished such a thing had been done to ANY defendant, and stopped the hearing right at the start, and freed up sufficient money to obtain a defense attorney. It should be noted this was Dutchman and Dennis Lee’s own money, none from government funds, even though FTC had the full budget backing of the Federal Government to finance their grossly unjustified attack.

The record stands, Attorney Josh Millard, working for FTC attempted to drag a defendant into a full trial and force the defendant to have no legal council whatsoever.

Before I comment on the decision by judge Michael Shipp, let me do my own dissection of the ridiculous claims listed on the actual FTC document, posted on their site at

The actual 2007 Honda Civic listed at top of page 5, was parked in the court parking lot during the entire period of the trial. It was offered as evidence. Anyone could have simply taken a ride and experienced its performance. Additionally, several other vehicles, and testimonies of owners used in all advertising listed were also offered as witnesses for the defense. Was any of this allowed? No. The FTC ordered the judge to disallow any scientific measurement, or any testimony of performance and satisfaction, from court hearing.

If you have the patience to read through all the legalese of the FTC attack, you see them repeatedly complaining about the performance claims for the HAFC not being substantiated, while at the same time THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENT AS EVIDENCE. What MORON wrote this double talk? I happen to know which moron, the same one who has been running grossly unsubstantiated lies about Dennis Lee for years. And FTC chose to believe this guy? Apparently. Their attack looked like a copy and paste job from that slanderous propaganda web site.

The FTC document goes on to list numerous Dutchman ads, many containing testimonies from satisfied users. Did FTC subpoena ANY of those individuals to come verify their claims? No.

In a court trial, for the purpose of disproving the claims of a mileage improvement device the FTC attack, lead by attorney Joshua Millard presented nothing but the expert testimony of a Ph.D., schooled in cryogenics. This expert’s claim? Gasoline always burns 100%. All internal combustion engines run at 95% efficiency?

They might have gotten further if they had hired Professor Irwin Corey.

Given only 3 days and $5,000, again of his own money, Dennis Lee was required to find a Ph.D. expert witness to go up against the one chosen by FTC at who knows what cost to the US taxpayer. Dennis and Dutchman found such a man, and actually had testimony ready in time for the trial. Schooled with not one, but two doctorates, Dr. Lee (no relation) had to be flown in from South Korea, but arrived in time. His specialty? Internal combustion engines.

A few key points made by Dr. Lee were that gasoline inside a combustion chamber has only a short time to burn. Hydrogen acts as an accelerate to expedite more of the gasoline vapor. No liquid burns. It must be converted to vapor first. A strong magnetic field lowers the boiling point of liquids.

I must refer readers to the official statement by Dennis Lee and Dutchman Enterprises for more specific details of the abuse they received from FTC.

The short and disgusting summary I must finish with is Judge Michael Shipp ruled in favor of Dutchman and Dennis Lee with a 13 page itemized list of all the facts refuting all of FTC’s claims as totally bogus and unsubstantiated. But the FTC could not stand to be disgraced. Joshua Millard, lawyer for FTC DID NOT ALLOW A COURT STENOGRAPHER TO BE PRESENT DURING THE TRIAL. NO TRANSCRIPT EXISTS. THEN SOMEBODY DESTROYED THE COURT’S ONLY AUDIO RECORDING OF ALL PROCEEDINGS. Any bets who?

Ken Rasmussen

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