Why no Free Energy yet? – Fraudulent Investors

Fraudulent Investors

Please read the title carefully. For it is time the lid be blown on the biggest scam in the alternative energy field. Not investor fraud, but fraudulent investors.

Everybody knows we are dying from air, water and soil pollution. Everybody knows the oil based energy system is drastically overpriced and extorting the life out of the world’s economy. Everybody cries for some new clean technology to come forward or be released from some hidden closet or government file cabinet to solve the problem. Everybody thinks as soon as some clever company or inventor announces such technology to the public, that the financial word will beat a path to their door.

The truth is clean energy inventors are the new “niggers” of the 21st century and can’t get the time of day from anyone in the financial world. Yes, a Google search shows hundreds if not thousands of Venture Capital firms, environmental groups, and slimy politicians shouting “save the planet” while they are the most hypocritical people ON the planet.

Ask Paul Pantone what Sierra Club and GreenPeace said to him when he needed precious R&D money to complete his gem of a basic idea he called GEET back in the late 90’s?

Ask Tai Robinson what happened when he tried to simply get a smog certificate in California for the H2 Hummer he converted to run on pure, bottled Hydrogen gas. California’s AQMD would not allow it?Ask any small company selling hydrogen boost units for most any car if they have California Air Resources Board certification to use their product in California, to be able to GET a smog certificate?

Ask the CEO of Ovation, now named Zanaqua why he doesn’t have a big factory to turn out his fantastic water distillation process unit that makes distilled water as cheaply as city tap water?

Ask an ultra-efficient turbine engine designer I know of why they haven’t built a factory to make the clean burning engines for the almost a billion dollars of “expression of interests” they have received from huge, viable customers, all waiting for the units to come off an assembly line to pick up and pay for. But no factory exists for lack of capital.

Ask mega-bank Wells Fargo what they did with the Billion Dollars they boasted about last year that was going to go for clean renewable energy capitalization?

Ask the clowns who post “$10 Million Rewards for Waterfuel Technology” on energy chat boards, but can’t show any bank accounts they control with a dime in them?

Ask where the money is from blowhards who go on big talk shows claiming they have a pool of investors ready to finance anything clean that really works, but never seem to have SEC registration documentation or even corporate registration documents to prove they are a legitimate investment fund, much less have a bank account with money in it.

Now that you have interviewed all these people to discover their agenda, do you wonder why controversial invention promoters like Dennis Lee have to resort to rather strange ways to raise capital to get something to the public? 

When an inventor in the team I started myself several years ago, BEFORE EVER MAKING ANY SORT OF PERFORMANCE CLAIM, had guns shoved in his face, I have to ask WHY THE GUNS? Where’s the American dream of tremendous wealth, beautiful women and media accolades as a reward for a job well done? For saving us from those evil ragheads blamed for 9/11 and high gas prices. Or at the very least, a “nice start Ken, here’s some money to complete your project” remark. No. The gun toters said stop or be killed.

And to the ongoing skeptics who just say “put it up on the Internet for everyone to make themselves and make it open source” I must point out, to do that only gives it to the thieves who already HAVE YOUR stolen money to go make MORE OF YOUR MONEY by selling you this new hardware that has no patent protection for the people who risked their lives making it. Factories cost hundreds of millions, not a few. Multinational companies that have been ripping you off for years have no trouble tooling up for another one of their own fads to dump on the public. New startups don’t. New startups don’t even have the deposit money to start subcontracting anything to other small shops on a piece meal basis.

Competent employees can’t work for minimum wage, and should never be asked to. A bedroom in which to sleep in a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles costs a grand a month now. Small apartments run close to $2 grand. Add up the wages necessary to support a man and his family with inflation like this and YOU tell me what it would cost to run a new high tech company requiring hundreds of mature, intelligent and reliable employees. And do you think any government will allow spending like that without injecting themselves as a partner to run your costs even higher?

To the skeptics who criticize inventors who demand large sums just to look at what they have, I have to ask, what are you expecting to see for nothing up front? Good grief, the idiot box by satellite costs $20/month plus your electric bill. Why SHOULD anyone who invested their lives in both time and personal risk to create something that works just throw it to the wind and not be justifiably compensated? Even a dog and pony show costs money to present. Nothing happens for free.

Alternative energy is NOT the military industrial complex. We do NOT receive endless grants from pork projects just to develop something at taxpayer expense, then bill the taxpayer again to manufacture it. Don’t tell me I’m exaggerating. I was in aerospace and KNOW how they butter their bread. Alternative energy inventors have more ethics than anyone in the military industrial complex, or the medical industry, or the pharmaceutical industry. And I dare anyone to prove me wrong. I found a medical doctor in Southern California recently who AT HIS OWN EXPENSE discovered the use of ADULT STEM CELLS, NOT fetal tissue or fertilized egg source stem cells, but ADULT cells directly from the patient’s own body, when used to treat stroke victims, has shown MIRACULOUS results. California allocated $3 Billion to stem cell research, but did anyone read the fine print? It won’t allow a dime to ADULT stem cell research. Why? Pressure from the eugenics/abortion industry to pad their own pockets is why, NOT to help humanity. Infant based stem cells ALWAYS create disasters. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. But ADULT derived stem cells, from the person’s own body, have already gotten a QUADRIPLEGIC to walk again. INFANT BASED STEM CELLS ARE NOTHING BUT MONEY HANDED OVER TO THE ABORTION/EUGENICS INDUSTRY WITH NO OBLIGATION TO DO ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE WITH IT AND NOTHING MORE.

I called the office of the doctor with the stroke victim treatment for more details. Http://www.strokedoctor.com/  He is having trouble getting any investor money, regardless of the miracles he has already shown. My own dear mother was bedridden for 9 years following a major stroke. The medical industry of the day said there was NO CURE, and STILL DOES. I certainly know the grief a stroke causes a family. Here is a man with a genuine solution and where does megabank WELLS FARGO throw their PRINTED MONEY THEY GET CHEAP FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE? Not here. Not with genuine clean energy either. The first $5 million of that billion I mentioned earlier went to buy Carlyle Group stock. Anybody ever heard of them? Major stock holders are the Queen of England, the Bush family and the Bin Laden family, and I think David Rockefeller has a few shares too. Boy that sure helps humanity a lot. 

So what can the little guy do? For goodness sake DON’T BUY STOCK IN SMALL START UP COMPANIES. The SEC WON’T LET YOU. And despite my pleas for capital here, I don’t want the small investor exposed to the market risk associated with any new start up. But it is past time the accredited investors out there, the corporate treasurers and CFO’s, the mutual fund managers and the trustees of the numerous Tax Free Foundation shelters of the super rich wake up and pay the piper. The public is fed up with your squandering billions and trillions on absolute crap, on Gulfstream jets for your precious directors to tour the world looking for another photo-op to make your pathetically miserable souls look “humanitarian” to the average sofa slug, and on phony schemes that do nothing but pad the pockets of your grotesque ANTIHUMAN, DEPOPULATION agenda with eugenics.

Which reminds me, ever heard the real rags to riches story of Bill Gates? Wonder who is trustee of his now $66 Billion Gates Foundation? What is he doing with a fund that by law has to give away $9 million A DAY, 365 days a year?

Bill Gates’ dad, William H. Gates has been involved with Planned Parenthood and the eugenics movement for decades. He is an attorney with a very suspicious background, going to work in a high position for IBM right out of law school. Not a normal “starting position” job. Who remembers IBM made the machines Hitler used in his Nazi Death Camps to keep track of religious prisoners?

His affiliation with eugenics companies is proven by his own admission in this speech he gave to the Population Research Bureau in 2005.Bill Gates (Jr.) made his dad the trustee over his enormous foundations. This LA Times article shows the severity of this issue with some astounding numbers. 

With the addition of the $31 billion from Warren Buffet, the total funds under attorney Gates directorship now is $66 Billion Dollars. Well and good until you see the foundation is chartered to support primarily “population control” issues. Worse yet, they are required by tax law to give away 5% of their assets every year or lose their tax free status. With their eugenics agenda, it all goes to horrible causes, much to Planned Parenthood. Here are some old numbers from 1999. 

But it gets worse.

I had already known the Packard Foundation (HP) was big and dangerous and gave a million dollars A DAY to population control issues, mostly abortion. But if you do the math on the Gates foundations, they are giving over $9 million A DAY to eugenics programs, again, mostly abortion. And for those who do not know, the highest concentration s of abortion clinics are found in black and other ethnic neighborhoods.

Personally, even though I am heavily invested in Windows technology and software, I am now giving serious consideration to going over to Linux. 

I am overwhelmed with the enormous financial power of evil in this country. George Bush campaigns as pro-life but records now show he has allowed more Federal money to go to Planned Parenthood than Bill & Hillary Clinton directed that way. That’s deplorably dishonest. The further death and destruction he has caused by invading 2 countries he now ADMITS had nothing to do with 9/11 is beyond comment.

There is only one presidential candidate, Ron Paul, addressing the horrendously corrupt IRS issue and is the only way we can begin to stop this grotesque bloodshed. FoxNews makes fun of him, yet Fox is the only network I know of that obtained a legal precedent to be able to blatantly lie to viewers, without remorse.

I have a web based talk show and had the opportunity of interviewing the campaign manager for Ron Paul on July 9, 2007. It is archived at http://www.commutefaster.com/EnergyHourArchive2007.html I also asked questions about secret societies and if Ron would allow them inside his cabinet. Not what you hear on regular talk radio. But I answer to God, not advertisers.

But back to the Gates Foundation agenda. We heard recently it was going to fund massive childhood vaccinations in Africa. Did anyone ask what vaccinations, allegedly to save lives, has to do with the Gates’ Foundation corporate charter to support a “population control” agenda? Simple. Ever heard of Thimerosal? Look it up on the FDA website.Http://www.fda.gov/cber/vaccine/thimerosal.htm

It is currently found in most all of the vaccines destined to Africa. Curious what some of the side effects of mercury are? Sterilization, brain damage, death.Does any fool think Mr. Rich White Geek has any concern for black children in Africa? It is time the public, not of just the US, but the public of the world realize that ALL the super wealth of this planet has an agenda. And that agenda is not the power we all need to support a 21st century lifestyle, that of healthy, sanitary, ample conveniences of mobility and a solid family supported by a father so the mother can stay at home and raise the children. No, for some strange reason, all the super wealthy in the world belong to an assortment of agenda obsessed groups or societies, hell-bent on enslaving the world population with controlled poverty, not prosperity for anyone but themselves. As a stock broker myself years ago, I was taught it was not a matter of how much you make, it was a matter of how much you keep. History and current events have proven the big wealth of the world was seldom acquired legitimately, but even what little was, is now kept in tight control, never to be shared with anyone but to pad their exorbitant lifestyles. Do we see Marie Antoinette again here people? 

The news media is giving us Britney Spears, and OJ Simpson crap again, while Bush threatens to irradiate the world with another DU war in Iran. And inventors with crappie ideas are shown in the spotlight while GENUINE technologies are faced with IRS ATTACKS and lying criticism from skeptics with an agenda to keep the rich rich, and never allow a dime of capital to reach anyone with a working technology. Wonder why? This web site lists the agenda they have followed for centuries and they have not stopped, waging a silent war against humanity. Http://www.lawfulpath.com/ref/sw4qw/index.shtml

Further evidence is seeing all the big names we know in the media are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, or Knights of Malta or some other Jesuit spin-off like Skull and Bones, again who follow the above agenda RELIGIOUSLY. No, I have not wandered off topic from alternative energy. All the above examples of horribly corrupt leadership in politics, religion and business, all tied to the financial world, has directed billions of dollars NOT into clean energy to HELP humanity, but into outrageously dangerous coal, nuclear energy, and derivatives. Falsely claiming they’re the only available choices, yet killing thousands of coal miners a year worldwide, and exposing the entire planet to leaked radiation during mining, processing as well as the indiscriminate use in weaponry, creating biological havoc on the planet for eons to come. None of this is necessary nor are the excuses true, but all is in the agenda of eugenics, created by twisted minds with an antihuman agenda of promoting death, and a level of pathologic greed beyond description. 

I will now state categorically, working units capable of delivering free energy technology exist now. They have existed for a hundred years, but these fools I describe have kept them from you.

My friend Gary Vesperman recently compiled an updated Suppressed Inventor list showing that the grotesque, criminally driven oppression is beyond rational explanation.

Obscure, silent infiltration, enforced by the Mafia, and intentionally unreported by the criminally owned media, seems to be the name of the game in this silent war against humanity described in the “lawfulpath” link mentioned Earlier. Is there any real “fair and balanced” reporting anywhere?  Care to explain Cardinal Richard Mahoney of Los Angeles and media mogul Rupert Murdoch both being members of the Knights of Malta? Any common agendas here?

The only banker name Americans recognize is Alan Greenspana member of CFR founded by Knights of Malta for the purpose of bringing the US back under British control, again, via secret infiltration, blackmail and extortion. The central bankers in London and Brussels are run by Masons. The Mafia’s of the world appear to answer to the Masonic P2 Lodge in Monte Carlo. Leaders there answer to the Knights of Malta, answering to the Jesuit Order in the Vatican. The Vatican’s physical advisors are the Rothschilds, and Rockefellers with untraceable assets in the trillions, hidden by a maze of trusts and offshore corporations with untraceable stock holders. Who does the Pope go to for his Catholic confession? A Jesuit priest.

The Vatican’s banker was going to reveal this series of links to the world in 1982, but was found hanging under a bridge in London. A bridge with a history of Masonic activity of this sort.  (video) The wealth of this planet stinks to high heaven. 

As long as religious organizations like Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and even Jews, Mormons and Muslims, along with the biggest “benevolent organizations” on the planet ALL have LEADERS who are members of these assorted secret societies that follow this silent war against humanity agenda, along with our highest politicians, top military officials, and judges in all branches of government being members of the SAME secret societies that control ALL the money in the world, using IRS to enforce an illegal tax structure on those too ignorant to read the facts, we have a serious problem that just a few letters to your congressman or protest signs, much less an individual inventor with a good idea, will never solve.

To all the super wealthy, alleged, but phony “do-gooders” in the world, I have one thing to say to you.

Put up or Shut up

Your Time is up.


I can be reached at LEROY (at) COMMUTEFASTER.COM 9/17/2007

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