HyPower Fuel

The May 11, 2007 press release says they have 3 of 4 videos produced. They were supposed to do a video webcast back in February this year, but that date keeps getting delayed. Quality video productions take time to produce, but didn’t they know that before they announced the February air date?

 I still remember “Emerging Tech” in ?St. Louis?? who kept making titalating announcements of being on the verge of something big, reported an explosion in November 2003 and the website went dark in January 2004, never to be heard from again.  Or Genesis Scientific’s grandeose announcements, followed by incarceration of the founder.  I don’t think we all know the full story on that one though. Personally I would guess they started out with legitimate research, but management started to believe the sales department hype and rediculous projections, making things get out of hand. 

Moral: don’t sell stock until you KNOW something works.

As a former stock broker myself, I am suspicious of companies who tend to do things to get the stock price up but little to get lots of product to lots of customers.  I hope any genuine energy technologies learned from the dot com fiasco in the 90’s.  You don’t change your life style until you have satisified customers recommending you to all their friends.  Not when the public just learns of your stock.

I can only hope fo the best for HyPowerFuel at this point.  Every inventor knows setbacks are a genuine fact of life.  Let’s hope reality stays in front of the sales depeartment.

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