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This is where you will find more in depth reports on the same general topics covered at the “Best Energy Sources” news site.  Due primarily to its format size restraints, most everything posted there are just short comments and links to major news agencies or press realeases from inventors and manufacturers. But with the introduction of the CommuteFaster Energy Hour BlogTalk show and important people that I am now working directly with, a place to post direct reports myself has become a necessity. 

Additionally, there has become a need to review products and services in new clean energy that are gradually becoming available.  And with the standard blog format, you the reader can fire back with your views, corrections or embellishments.

I must warn I have a low tolerance for juvenile spit-spats or oil company propaganda. Both will be deleted as soon as I see them.  The monopolies have censored us for a hundred years from the enormous media outlets that they already own. We have every right to keep their lies under control.  They already have the TV industry.  They don’t need an inch of space here.

KLR 5/11/2007

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