Get to know your free CIA spook services

May 14th, 2007

Spy versus Spy It was revealed some time ago that the CIA provided startup funding for Google. Just like the spiritual type, government spooks don’t dissappear easily without a major exorcism, not easily accomplished. So in the mean time we see Google is offering interesting spillover information to anyone.

Google is beta testing a Lab program called Trends. With it you can see volume and location stats on certain search words. I’m not sure of the value of this, but it is interesting and I’m sure reveals something in the background.

Here are some samples of words and phrases and what cities searched them most often

  • employment: maybe not good places to find an easy job
  • money: 6 of top ten are in UK
  • antichrist: all but 2 are Bible Belt localles
  • ufo: 5 of top ten are in Poland. Remember the Vatican is in Rome.
  • NSA: Paranoid people want to know who’s talking about them
  • mafia: ditto
  • bribery: ditto, ditto
  • CIA: My energy site also started getting a lot of traffic from Brazil the same time GWB paid a visit. Coincidence?
  • clean energy:
  • solar energy: 5 of top 10 are in Australia
  • green energy: TX oil is afraid of something
  • wind energy: Chicago not even on list?
  • Tesla: a rare prophet honored in his home town, but not among thieves in the US, I’m ashamed
  • Tesla car: 4 CA cities top list
  • coal: Charleston WV must be worried about something
  • nuclear: Albuquerque is a lot more interested than Iran
  • Britney Spears: Mexico City?
  • Paris Hilton: so Irvine California is the teeny bopper capitol of US

KLR 5/14/2007

HyPower Fuel

May 12th, 2007

The May 11, 2007 press release says they have 3 of 4 videos produced. They were supposed to do a video webcast back in February this year, but that date keeps getting delayed. Quality video productions take time to produce, but didn’t they know that before they announced the February air date?

 I still remember “Emerging Tech” in ?St. Louis?? who kept making titalating announcements of being on the verge of something big, reported an explosion in November 2003 and the website went dark in January 2004, never to be heard from again.  Or Genesis Scientific’s grandeose announcements, followed by incarceration of the founder.  I don’t think we all know the full story on that one though. Personally I would guess they started out with legitimate research, but management started to believe the sales department hype and rediculous projections, making things get out of hand. 

Moral: don’t sell stock until you KNOW something works.

As a former stock broker myself, I am suspicious of companies who tend to do things to get the stock price up but little to get lots of product to lots of customers.  I hope any genuine energy technologies learned from the dot com fiasco in the 90’s.  You don’t change your life style until you have satisified customers recommending you to all their friends.  Not when the public just learns of your stock.

I can only hope fo the best for HyPowerFuel at this point.  Every inventor knows setbacks are a genuine fact of life.  Let’s hope reality stays in front of the sales depeartment.

Ron Paul

May 12th, 2007

Ron PaulRon Paul is unquestionably the most constitutionally loyal candidate on any ticket.  His voting record shows he lives up to campaign promises. He is the ONLY candidate who understands the “New World Order’s” agenda to destroy the US and turn it into a fascist corporate state. And according to internet reports, he is actually leading in true polls but is being horribly suppressed and ignored by the TV mega-moguls.

So how will he act pertaining to issues reported at  Is clean energy part of the constitution?  Maybe not directly, but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness IS part of the Declaration of Independence, on which the Constitution is based.  Clean air, soil and water is a right of life.  And the constitution does require government to protect its residents.  Personally I feel that would include stopping mafia style threats from monopolies, as well as keeping a “hands off” approach to let the inventor do what he needs to to get his innovation to the consumer.

I have e-mailed an invitation to Ron Paul’s campaign headquarters to come on my BlogTalkRadio show for an hour and comment on this and other related issues.  If I don’t hear a response in a week, I may get a little more aggressive to get his attention.

I would appreciate any comments from readers who know more of Ron’s history on energy issues.  Just remember, neither he nor I believe in Government hand outs. I am aware of a pork program to the wind industry he voted against.  But what has he done about predatory monopolies with gross disrespect for human life?

KLR  5/12/2007

Welcome to the CommuteFaster EnergyBlog

May 11th, 2007

This is where you will find more in depth reports on the same general topics covered at the “Best Energy Sources” news site.  Due primarily to its format size restraints, most everything posted there are just short comments and links to major news agencies or press realeases from inventors and manufacturers. But with the introduction of the CommuteFaster Energy Hour BlogTalk show and important people that I am now working directly with, a place to post direct reports myself has become a necessity. 

Additionally, there has become a need to review products and services in new clean energy that are gradually becoming available.  And with the standard blog format, you the reader can fire back with your views, corrections or embellishments.

I must warn I have a low tolerance for juvenile spit-spats or oil company propaganda. Both will be deleted as soon as I see them.  The monopolies have censored us for a hundred years from the enormous media outlets that they already own. We have every right to keep their lies under control.  They already have the TV industry.  They don’t need an inch of space here.

KLR 5/11/2007